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  • Kansas City Doesn’t Have a Jail

    April 11, 2024

    Over the past few weeks at the Kansas City Citizens Police Academy, we’ve learned about the staffing shortages that the Department is facing in its ranks of sworn officers and civilian staff

    KCPD needs our support.

    School resource officers and the Police Athletic League need more resources (and staff) to reach kids in our city.

    Homicide detectives need more and better city cameras.

    If you watch the law enforcement space in Kansas City, you may know that the City doesn’t have a jail.

    If you don’t, you probably didn’t.

    In 2009, the City closed its jail near the Truman Sports Complex and began partnering with Jackson County. That agreement ended in 2019.

    The City currently has 105 contract beds split between Johnson and Vernon Counties. Those beds are ALWAYS full.

    That means that if someone is arrested with a single municipal charge, they’re released. 

    Criminals aren’t being held accountable until they have 20-25 charges against them, and even then, someone else MUST be released to free up the bed space.

    We don’t need a jail only because we are a major metropolitan city.

    It’s hard to ensure the safety of city staff while transporting prisoners to Nevada, Missouri.

    It’s also not a dignified way to treat someone who has been arrested and may be in a crisis situation.

    A person being detained in Vernon County on a Kansas City municipal charge will receive mental health treatment and attorney visits through video conference.

    Family members are less likely to have the means to visit them.

    The City Council is currently accepting feedback from the community about its plans to build a new jail.

    We call on the Council to listen to the concerns of KCPD and fully fund the new facility at the 310-bed capacity proposed by the Municipal Court.

    Team Liberty Alliance

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