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  • They Hear The Worst Things In The World

    March 21, 2024

    Law enforcement officers aren’t the only ones who make sacrifices to keep us safe.

    This week at the KCPD Citizen’s Police Academy, our group heard from the Communications Division, which oversees both the 911 call takers and dispatchers.

    Like every division in the police department, they are SEVERELY understaffed. 

    There are a total of 24 call takers and 35 dispatchers. 

    In an ideal world, they would staff 7-8 of each, EVERY SHIFT. For special events like St. Patrick’s Day or the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade, they need even more.

    Like law enforcement officers, these civilian police employees have to go through a long period of training. Vacancies can’t be replaced immediately.  

    Call takers take a lot of abuse. They hear “the worst things in the world.” They work shifts that are supposed to be ten hours but usually end up being twelve.

    It’s no wonder that it’s hard to keep people in that role when they could make more money working in a dentist’s office without the stress. 

    Like law enforcement, call taking and dispatching is a calling. We should be doing so much more to support these people.

    KC Crime Stoppers was our next presentation.

    This 501c3 nonprofit is organized under the auspices of the KC Metro Crime Commission makes it possible for anonymous informants to receive cash rewards. 

    They take incredible steps to make sure that their tipsters remain anonymous. 

    Kansas City just hit a record for homicides in 2023. If anything is going to change, it’s going to take everybody. That’s especially true because “most of the time it’s retaliation between the same people, back and forth.”

    People know when something is going on. 

    That includes students. 

    The detective talked to us about her priority of returning to the schools after COVID impacted the program. “These school shootings scare the crap out of me,” she said. 

    The program has been successful, stopping at least one school shooting in the planning stage. 

    A tip to KC Crime Stoppers led police to stop a 7th-grader from attempting suicide. Officers entered her bedroom and found her with pills when her parents had no idea. 

    Keeping Kansas City safe is a team effort. It takes civilians working with law enforcement officers.

    Team Liberty Alliance

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