Who We Are

Liberty Alliance's mission is to fight for Conservative causes and promote grassroots activism in Missouri.

Shaping Missouri’s Future

Liberty Alliance was formed by a group of concerned citizens in order to give Missourians a place to stand together to promote Conservative principles and bring about positive reforms for our state. We are committed to fighting the reckless embrace of Socialism in Missouri and believe that true Conservatism is fundamental to ensuring opportunity for the next generation of our state. Our goal is to bring people together under a shared cause to help shape the future of Missouri for decades to come.

Protecting Our Values

We exist to provide a place for Conservatives and common sense Missourians to protect the values that make Missouri great. Well-funded progressive groups from the coasts are pouring money into the state to help expand Socialism in our healthcare market, raise taxes, and promote the Green New Deal. Some politicians are only fighting half-heartedly to protect our Conservative principles, focusing more on keeping their jobs than protecting our values.

Bringing Positive Reforms

As Missouri approaches its 200th birthday, our goal is to build a grassroots movement of individuals committed to protecting the ideals and values that Missourians have held for centuries, and to expose the very real threat of Socialism.

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Chris Vas Executive Director

Chris Vas serves as the Executive Director of Liberty Alliance. He started his political career as a field intern for the successful Bruce Rauner for Governor campaign in Illinois. A year later, Vas moved to Missouri and interned for Senator Roy Blunt's reelection campaign in 2015 and 2016, gaining valuable experience about Missouri's political landscape. After his successful campaign, Vas joined Senator Blunt in his Columbia office. In 2018, Vas paused his studies at Mizzou to defend Freedom to Work in Missouri. Additionally, Vas worked as the Political Director for the Missouri Republican Party, helping to defend our conservative supermajorities in the Missouri General Assembly and replace Claire McCaskill with Senator Josh Hawley. Vas has eagerly joined Liberty Alliance, continuing his work to keep Missouri one of the most conservative states in the country.

Vas graduated with Honors from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

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