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    February 20, 2024

    It’s been a tough week in Kansas City. 

    After a dynasty-defining Super Bowl victory, the city descended on Union Station to celebrate.

    There, a woman was killed, children were wounded, and our embarrassing crime problem was put on global display.

    We’re praying for the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan and all of the victims.

    This dispute among juveniles, as city officials described it, is all too familiar for Kansas City residents.

    Violent crime is out of control.

    Liberal leadership has consistently responded by attacking our police.

    In 2021, Radical Mayor Quinton Lucas defunded the Kansas City police department, and hid it in violation Missouri’s sunshine law.

    Lucas and the City Council attempted to defund the police again in 2022.

    Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker is an anti-police extremist.

    Our leaders coddle criminals.

    Criminals know they won’t face consequences for their crimes.

    Criminals feel empowered to settle their disagreements in public, with disregard for the lives of their fellow citizens.

    Our brave police officers deserve our support. These heroes saved lives by running into harm’s way, knowing that they wouldn’t get any credit from Liberals.

    We will always stand with our rank-and-file police officers against Liberal attacks.

    Kansas City leadership should do the same. 

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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