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  • Blue Lives Spotlight: Mike Parson

    June 13, 2024

    When we look around the country, we see a country that’s BURNING DOWN because of Liberal policies that demonize law enforcement and coddle criminals.

    That’s why we’re especially grateful to have a LAW AND ORDER Governor here in Missouri. 

    Governor Parson is a Veteran, serving proudly for six years in the Military Police where he reached the rank of sergeant.

    He was the first criminal investigator to serve in the Polk County Sheriff’s office, and served as Sheriff for over a decade.

    It’s that foundation that led Governor Parson to STAND UP for the rule of law in Jefferson City, even when it’s unpopular. 

    Governor Parson has shown that he is UNAFRAID to hold criminals accountable.

    Over and over, Radical Liberals like Cori Bush have pressured the Governor to stop the executions of BRUTAL MURDERERS. 

    Parson secured justice for their victims.

    When Soros-backed St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner targeted Mark and Patricia McCloskey for exercising their Second Amendment rights on their own property, Parson granted them a pardon.

    Radicals who abuse the justice system to engage in political prosecutions should know that Parson is unafraid to right wrongs through executive clemency.

    In fact, Governor Parson has granted more pardons than any Governor since the 1940s

    The Liberal media won’t tell you that part. 

    Law and Order requires courageous leadership and a heart for both justice and mercy.

    Parson has shown he has both.

    We look forward to his signing of the criminal justice omnibus bill passed by the legislature this year, and to the Governor’s continued leadership.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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