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  • YOUR 2024 Legislative Session Recap

    May 23, 2024

    It was a wild session. 

    Liberal losers bemoan the low number of bills passed because they LOVE big government. 

    That’s a pretty dumb way to judge the success of a legislature. 

    Let’s look at what we got done and what we still need to do.


    SB727 – MOScholars Expansion

    This was a HUGE victory for School Choice advocates. 

    This bill expanded the MOScholars tax credit scholarship model to EVERY county in the state, raised the income threshold so that more families qualified, and increased the total amount of scholarships available.

    SJR 78 – Ban Ranked-Choice and Noncitizen Voting

    Liberal billionaires have been attempting to rewrite our election laws in their favor for YEARS. This resolution refers a ballot measure to the November ballot that would BAN RIGGED-choice and noncitizen voting from EVER being implemented in Missouri.

    Thank you so much to the grassroots advocates who beat the drum on this bill all session long!

    SB 754 – Max’s Law

    This bill, adopted as part of a larger public safety omnibus, increases the penalties for killing or injuring a police canine. In many counties across the state, police dogs were considered property for the purposes of criminal prosecution.


    Court Reform

    The Missouri Plan allows Woke bar associations to pick and choose the judges that sit on the bench. These unelected and unaccountable hacks inject their liberal politics into their rulings at every turn, going so far as to throw out an ENTIRE ELECTION.

    No conservative priorities are safe in this state until we get direct partisan elections of judges at the appellate and supreme court levels.

     State Control

    St. Louis crime is OUT OF CONTROL. The St. Louis Police Department started the year with its LOWEST staffing levels in history. This is a direct result of Woke city government interference. 

    For the residents of St. Louis City and its police officers, the department MUST return to state control.

    ESG Ban

    As we’ve seen, Liberals can’t get their nutjob candidates elected so they have to use other means to implement their wacky ideas.

    ESG refers to the environmental, social, and governance standards that they force onto companies through financial institutions to make them go woke. It should be banned from state pensions and contracts. 

    Thank you for fighting with us. 

    We’re not going anywhere.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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