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  • MOmentum to BAN RCV

    March 26, 2024

    The Left is NUTS.

    They’re so crazy that they can’t get their candidates elected anymore.

    That’s why Left-wing billionaires have been trying to change the rules in our elections for years. 

    Instead of running better candidates or representing the will of the people, they’ve decided to push the SCAM of ranked-choice voting.

    Their goal is to RIG election results and make audits impossible.

    Because of the hard work of Conservative grassroots activists, a ranked-choice voting ban has made more progress this year than ever before. 

    National groups have taken notice.

    Yesterday the House Rules Committee passed HJR 104 out of executive session. 

    This resolution and its Senate counterpart, are teed up and ready to go.

    It’s time to finish the job.

    Let House leadership know you support a BAN on RIGGED-choice voting.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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