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  • TAKE ACTION: Ban Rigged-Choice Voting

    February 12, 2024

    You know the story.

    Left-wing radicals and their foreign-funded dark money groups have targeted Missouri for years. 

    They know Missourians won’t vote for their crazy candidates and it drives them nuts.

    That’s why they keep trying to change the rules.

    They tried ranked-choice voting.

    They tried approval voting.

    They even tried freedom voting.

    Whatever they call it – we know what it really means: RIGGED-CHOICE VOTING.

    This afternoon, the Local Government and Elections Committee in the Missouri Senate will consider SJR 78, a bill that would BAN this liberal takeover of our elections once and for all.

    Protecting our elections will take all of us, and that’s why we’re calling on YOU to take action. 

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