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  • Tony Luetkemeyer

    October 1, 2021


    State Senator Tony Luetkemeyer is a public servant. No matter where he is or what role he holds, he will always strive to make his community a better place.

    This is his story, and it begins in Farmington, Missouri.

    Tony Luetkemeyer grew up in a strong, conservative household. Raised in a family that loves America and our country’s resilient history, he learned the importance of free-market principles, individual responsibility, and that with hard work, anything is possible.

    After high school, Luetkemeyer attended the University of Missouri and was quickly recognized as a leader. Surprising no one, he would go on to become Student Body President of the state’s flagship university.

    His passion for public service grew as he pursued degrees in both history and political science. It only grew stronger as he took part in a White House internship during the Presidency of George W. Bush.

    He viewed law school as a natural continuation of his studies, so he decided to pursue a Juris Doctorate at the University of Missouri.

    After passing the bar, he served as a clerk for the Missouri Supreme Court- which proved to be a pivotal inflection point in his young career. During this time, he strengthened his understanding of the United States Constitution and the vision of our Founding Fathers.

    Once he finished his clerkship, Luetkemeyer transitioned to practice law in the Kansas City area. It wouldn’t be long before the residents of his new community would prompt him to run for public office.

    He answered their call.

    The campaign for the state’s 34th Senatorial District was arduous. However, thanks to a solid and effective ground game, he was able to find success in connecting his message to the people.

    It paid off, and we are so glad that it did.

    Since Luetkemeyer has been sworn into office, he has hit the ground running. His expertise in the law has served to benefit not just the district he represents, but the state as a whole.

    He has been a champion of our state’s law enforcement, and he has worked relentlessly to make Missouri a safer place.

    At the time of his first legislative session, Missouri was home to three of the nation’s most dangerous cities.

    Acting swiftly, Luetkemeyer went to work on a solution. With the help of law enforcement officials, he spearheaded an omnibus safety bill that worked to overhaul the probations system and eliminate loopholes that allowed for the catch and release of our state’s most dangerous criminals.

    He delivered another huge victory during the most recent legislative session.

    Thanks to his leadership, the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) is now able to hire officers outside the city limits. This will allow the KCPD to hire the best and the brightest and put more cops on the street.

    Luetkemeyer understands that we will have safer streets and stronger communities when we support our police officers and work towards common-sense solutions. Expanding the opportunities for prospective police officers is a HUGE win for the people of Missouri.

    He is not done yet. For the next legislative session, he plans on filing a bill that will prevent the Kansas City Council from defunding the police.

    Luetkemeyer has also been a champion in protecting property owners from large real estate assessment increases. In 2020, his leadership during the pandemic resulted in a big win for the people of Missouri.

    As a result of his efforts, he delivered legislation that exempted every Missourian’s COVID-19 stimulus checks from state income tax. Additionally, this same piece of legislation now requires assessors to conduct physical inspections of properties upon request, while it also gives individuals adequate time to appeal those property tax assessments.

    Next year, Luetkemeyer plans to file a bill that will cap property taxes at inflation. This will especially help seniors and disabled veterans that are on fixed incomes. It is his goal to make sure that Missourians are not taxed out of their homes by the government.

    Luetkemeyer has had great success in advancing the conservative cause but understands that there are challenges ahead. He knows that meeting these challenges will require more conservatives to get engaged with the cause.

    We couldn’t agree more. And if more people follow Luetkemeyer’s example, our state, and our country will be headed in the right direction.

    We learned about State Senator Tony Luetkemeyer’s accomplishments through the grassroots community. We know that there are others out there like him, but we can’t find them by ourselves. We need YOUR help.

    Know someone like State Senator Tony Luetkemeyer who’s fighting for a better Missouri? We want to know about them. We want to share their story. Nominate a CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION today!

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