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  • Danette Proctor

    July 23, 2021


    After receiving a strong nomination to be our Conservative Champion, we spoke with Danette this week to learn more about her personal journey and what being a Conservative Champion means to her. We hope you enjoy her just as much as we do!

    Tell us about how you became a conservative. What experiences led to your now-held beliefs?

    Growing up on a farm north of Willard, we learned you work with what you have, and you make things work. I am the oldest of five children. We learned early on to help each other and to work together to accomplish our goals.

    I started working in the political arena when I was in high school. I served on Student Council and was fortunate to be able to attend Girls State. In high school, I would help a local democrat family at various events in the area. After I married Darrell, I quickly converted to a being a republican. Our first big campaign was working for Kit Bond for Governor in 1972.

    We have many different types of people in our Republican tent. I have always leaned toward the conservative side.

    Tell us about the groups that you are involved with and the efforts that you have been a part of within those groups?

    Republican Activities:

    • MRP State Committee-Executive Committee,
    • Chair Greene County Republican Central Committee-December 2007-present,
    • Greene County Republican Central Committee 1980-present,
    • Greene County Target Board 1995-present,
    • Greater Ozarks Pachyderm Club,
    • Greene County Republican Women,
    • Missouri Republican Assembly,
    • Vice-Chair 7th Congressional District Republican Committee.

    To name a few, I have been active in the community serving on the:

    • 911 Advisory Board,
    • City Utilities Board of Directors
    • Willard Children’s Charitable Foundation,
    • Boys and Girls Club Board,
    • Habitat for Humanity of Springfield Board,
    • Schuyler Community Center,
    • Finance and Personnel committee at Willard First Baptist Church
    You are clearly someone who is engaged in the community and has helped advance the conservative cause. What led you to join those groups?

    We have all been given talents and resources. We should share these with others to make a better community.

    For those individuals who are interested in advancing the conservative cause, what advice would you give them? Are there any groups they should join? And if already in those groups, what’s the best way for them to be engaged and actually implement change?

    As chair of the Greene County Republican Central Committee, I have the opportunity to share with potential candidates and people wanting to get involved with our party the various areas where they can get “plugged into our party” and make a difference. We let people know they are always welcome to participate in our Greene County Republican events and meetings. Our Greene County Republican Women’s Club (includes men) and our Pachyderm Club are very active. Both of these clubs bring excellent programs and also allows you a platform to meet the officeholders and candidates. These clubs bring you information about important issues. These clubs allow one to be more informed and involved.

    We encourage people to attend our TARGET events (The Association of Republicans Getting Everyone Together). TARGET is our social and fundraising arm of our party. TARGET events allow you a venue to mix and mingle with like-minded individuals, candidates, and officeholders. We are having a “free” ice cream social on August 5th at 6 PM at Northview Center in Doling Park. Our 61st TARGET BBQ is on September 11th at 5 PM at the Ozark Empire Fair Grounds. November 12th, 2021, our “Right Voices” luncheon will be held at 11:30 AM at the Oasis Convention Center.

    Check out our newly updated website (www.greenecountygop.org) where you can find info about our “Elected Officials” with contact info. We recommend people contact their State Representative, State Senator, and County Commissioners and get to know them and share these contacts with others.

    Party Talk is our monthly newsletter. We add people to our email list so they can receive Party Talk and emails to keep up with what is going on with Greene County Republicans.

    We encourage people to keep up with us on our Facebook Greene County GOP.

    We encourage people to help by being poll judges. People can check with our Greene County Clerk’s office to see if they need Republican judges for our elections.

    Candidates are already starting to line up for the 2022 elections. Study the candidates, then offer to volunteer for the candidates of your choice.

    What issue(s) do you think are the most important at this time for the conservative cause? Why?
    • Voter ID-we have to protect the integrity of our election process
    • Initiative Petition reform-liberals are using the initiative petition process to circumvent the General Assembly process. Liberals spend millions of dollars to pass their agenda at the ballot box through the initiative petition process.
    • Education reform-Our public school systems are being invaded by liberals pushing their agenda on our children. Example: Critical Race Theory (CRT). We need to elect legislators that are for education reform, and also we need to recruit and help elect conservative school board members.
    How can we overcome those obstacles that are preventing us from advancing those issues?

    We have to recruit and retain conservative officeholders and candidates. We need to identify these individuals and help them win their elections.

    How can conservatives better message their ideas to reach a broader audience?

    Join like-minded groups and clubs. Many are energized and wanting to make a difference. Explore and be aware of the various groups in your area. Recruit others to join those groups you have chosen to join.

    We learned about Danette Proctor’s accomplishments through the grassroots community. We know that there are others out there like her, but we can’t find them by ourselves. We need YOUR help.

    Know someone like Danette who’s fighting for a better Missouri? We want to know about them. Want to share their story. Nominate a CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION today!

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