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  • Conservative Champion: Harrison Butker

    May 20, 2024

    After giving an all-time great commencement address at Benedictine University and his becoming the top-seller in the NFL, Americans know the name Harrison Butker.  

    But do they know his story?

    Harrison grew up in Decatur, Georgia where he was a soccer star. He got his start at Georgia Tech playing soccer before switching to football.

    Family was important to him from the beginning. His parents are both graduates of Emory University in Atlanta, with his dad working in finance and his mom as a physicist. His older sister Elizabeth played soccer at Emory.

    The Butkers’ Catholic faith was a big part of his childhood. He attended Mass every Sunday, but like so many, began to practice less as he left home and started his college career. 

    It was after his first confession that he noticed a change

    Harrison attends Latin Mass and receives communion before every game. 

    While the standard dress in the American church and American culture more generally has become more casual, Harrison started a Menswear brand called Shepherds with some Catholic friends. 

    It’s all part of his goal of living out his faith and being the best man that he can be.

    “Dressing more formally, wearing a sports coat, wearing a suit, has really pushed me to act and be a better, more virtuous man and I want that for everyone around me,” he told EWTN.

    Harrison and Isabelle Butker give back to the community through the Harrison Butker Family Foundation, which is “rooted in the mission to use their God-given talents and resources to make the world a brighter and safer place. The Foundation works particularly on causes close to the Butker family, such as human trafficking, pro-life advocacy and support, important issues facing those less fortunate in and around Kansas City, and so many more important causes facing society.”

    When tragedy struck and criminals shot innocent bystanders at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade, the family of Lisa Lopez Galvan had one wish – to see her laid to rest in a Butker jersey. Harrison made it happen.

    Harrison Butker has proven he is unafraid of the Radical Left lunatics who would persecute him for boldly speaking his religious beliefs, which is why we are proud to recognize him as a CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION.

    We know that there are other Champions like Harrison Butker out there, but we can’t find them by ourselves. We need YOUR help.

    Know a strong Conservative like Harrison Butker? We want to know about them. We want to share their story. Nominate a CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION today!

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