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  • The Worst Liberal Bills Introduced in the Missouri Legislature

    January 7, 2020

    Liberty Alliance will be highlighting nine Liberal bills that have been filed in Jefferson City. Our goal is to keep our top conservative activists informed on what we are up against in the coming legislative session. 

    House Bill 1591 
    Establishes the National Popular Vote Act. This bill would take away Missouri’s voice during presidential elections. Under current law, Missourians decide who their electors are for the Electoral College. These electors vote for the candidate who receives the most votes from Missouri. If this legislation passes, Missouri’s Secretary of State would be required to select electors to vote for the candidate who won the national popular vote. If this law were in effect during the 2016 election, Missouri would have cast its 10 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton. This bill takes power away from Missourians and gives it to Liberal elites who live on the coasts.

    – Sponsored by Representative Ashley Bland Manlove

    Senate Bill 657 
    Establishes no-excuse absentee voting. This legislation would allow people to vote absentee without any cause. Under current law, an absentee voter has to be prevented from voting in person on election day. This allows our voting process and election operations to be more secure. Liberals across the country are pushing for more relaxed election laws and are even allowing illegal aliens to vote. Liberals in Missouri are starting to introduce these bills in our state.

    – Sponsored by Senator Lauren Arthur

    Modifies provisions relating to the state motor fuel tax. This legislation would raise the gas tax in Missouri by 10 cents per gallon. Missourians are already taxed more than enough. Instead of taking more money from us, politicians in Jefferson City should work on cutting government waste and out of control programs. This tax increase would also disproportionately harm low-income and working-class Missourians.

    – Sponsored by Representative Steve Butz

    House Bill 1573 
    Adds onerous requirements to law enforcement officer’s use of force in making an arrest. This is a pointless bill that would require law enforcement officers to notify all suspects that deadly force may be used. This law is meant to handcuff police officers from protecting us from dangerous criminals. Crime in Missouri’s biggest cities is out of control and members of law enforcement have never been more in danger. Instead of giving our communities’ heroes more tools to do their jobs, Liberals want more restrictions so that they can target officers anytime force is needed to bring a criminal to justice.

    – Sponsored by Representative Ashley Bland Manlove

    House Bill 1396
    Creates provisions for automatic voter registration. This bill would require automatic voter registration for all local, state, and federal elections in the state of Missouri. Under current law, Missourians over the age of 18 are required to register at their current address if they wish to participate in our elections. If Liberal Representative Price has his way, our elections will be opened up to more fraud and abuse.

    – Sponsored by Representative Wiley Price

    Establishes a firearm-owner registry under the management of the Attorney General. This bill would require every firearm owner in the state of Missouri to report their firearms to the Attorney General of Missouri every year in order to be added to a government registry. Firearm owners who do not comply with the government registry will be fined by the state. This is just another example of Liberals attempting to intimidate and harass lawful gun owners. The government has no business adding gun owners to lists. Can imagine the harassment we will have to endure if a Liberal Attorney General is in charge of the list?

    – Sponsored by Representative Kevin Windham

    House Bill 1433
    Changes the rates of the state motor fuel tax. This bill would raise the gas tax by over 11% per gallon. Instead of cutting out-of-control government spending, Liberals in Jefferson City want to take more money out of your pocket. This tax increase will disproportionately affect low-income and working-class families. Missourians need tax relief, not tax increases.

    – Sponsored by Representative Kip Kendrick

    House Bill 1645
    Requires the cost to the state for incarcerating an offender be considered during sentencing and parole hearings. This bill would require the cost of putting a violent criminal in jail to be a deciding factor during parole hearings and sentencing. Missouri has a major crime problem in our three largest cities. St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield all made the top 10 most dangerous list for 2019. The only factor that should be considered during sentencing and parole hearings is safety. If the criminal is a safety concern, they should remain behind bars. Liberals in Jefferson City are once again trying to put the rights of violent criminals above the safety of our communities.

    – Sponsored by Representative Kevin Windham

    House Bill 1599
    Modifies the offense of unlawful use of a weapon to apply to the open or concealed carrying of a firearm in the City of St. Louis without a concealed carry permit. This bill would put additional restrictions on law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights in the City of St. Louis. It is a complete violation of individual liberty to impose additional restrictions and certifications on gun owners in just one city. Missourians should have their 2nd Amendment rights everywhere in the state, including St. Louis City.

    – Sponsored by Representative Steven Roberts

    Liberty Alliance is making it our New Year’s resolution to oppose these bills. Together we can defeat the Liberals and continue making Missouri a great place to live and raise a family!

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