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  • The Next 3 Bills on our Wishlist

    December 16, 2022

    We couldn’t be more excited about the top Conservative bills we’ve shared with you so far. Here are the next three bills that have been introduced by Conservative leaders as part of our 12 days of Liberty Alliance series.

    Senate Bill 4 

    POWER TO THE PARENTS. Instead of educating our children, the Left has become obsessed with indoctrinating them with socialist propaganda. This legislation bans critical race theory and empowers parents to see what’s being taught at the classroom. Additionally, this bill establishes a Parents Bill of Rights and creates a civics program to teach students the principles outlined in the Constitution. 

    – Sponsored by Senator Andrew Koenig


    Senate Bill 234

    SCHOOL BOARD ELECTION CHANGE. This legislation moves school board elections to be held at the November general election. This will allow taxpayers to hold school board members accountable at a higher turnout election. 

    – Sponsored by Senator Elect Ben Brown 


    House Bill 53 

    TIME FOR A CHANGE. St. Louis is one of the most dangerous cities in the country. It’s become abundantly clear that the mayor and the St. Louis Board of Aldermen don’t care about protecting the city and its citizens. A change is clearly needed, which is why this bill is so important. It’s time for the St. Louis Police Department to fall under the leadership of an independent board of police commissioners. The legislature should not stand idly by while the Socialist St. Louis mayor allows innocent people be killed. 

    – Sponsored by Representative Ron Copeland

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