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  • The Last 3 Bills on our Wishlist

    December 22, 2022

    We couldn’t be more excited about the top Conservative bills we’ve shared with you so far. Here are the last bills that have been introduced by Conservative leaders as part of our 12 days of Liberty Alliance series. 


    Senate Bill 39 

    PROTECT WOMEN’S SPORTS. Under this legislation, only biological males will be able to compete with biological males and only biological females will be able to compete with biological females. This legislation puts an end to the attack on women’s sports! What’s happening in other states across the country WILL NOT be happening in Missouri! 

    – Sponsored by Senator Holly Thompson Rehder 


    House Bill 299 

    CONCEALED CARRY. The right to bear arms is vital to the American way of life. Under this bill, Missourians that are 18 years of age will be able to have a concealed carry permit. This piece of legislation will serve to strengthen Missourians’ Second Amendment rights! 

    – Sponsored by Representative Dirk Deaton


    Senate Bill 286 

    PREVENTS FEDERAL OVERREACH. This legislation will allow the Attorney General and the Missouri legislature to review any executive order issued by the President of the United States. If an executive order encroaches on the liberties of Missourians, then our elected officials can stand firm against it. This bill sends a strong message that Missouri will fight back against blatant federal overreach.

    – Sponsored by Senator Rick Brattin 

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