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  • The KC City Council is trying to DEFUND the police again!

    March 9, 2022

    Last year, Liberty Alliance released documents showing Mayor Quinton Lucas and Members of the KC City Council violated the Sunshine Law. 

    A majority of the City Council, including Mayor Lucas, conspired in secret to defund millions of dollars from the police without consulting the public or other members of the Council who support the police department (View the documents and full story HERE).

    The courts ruled that Lucas’ effort to STEAL over $40 million from the police was ILLEGAL. Now they are trying to DEFUND the police again (Read More HERE)!

    Kansas City is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

    We can’t let these insane Liberal politicians get away with policies that are wrong for the people of Missouri, which is why we are calling YOU to take action.

    Call Mayor Lucas at (816) 513-3500 and tell him to not let this happen

    Our safety depends on it.

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