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Missouri Legislature Drags Feet on Election Integrity

May 11, 2021

The 2020 election showed us one thing:

The way that elections are conducted MATTERS.

We all know that elections are the cornerstone of democracy, so measures MUST be put in place to preserve their integrity.

Missouri is headed in the right direction with two pieces of legislation that have advanced out of the state’s house of representatives.

HB738 will institute necessary reforms that will allow Missourians to have full faith and confidence in the election process as a whole.

HB334 addresses the overwhelmingly popular and necessary VOTER ID provisions.

Missourians are tired of our Conservative Supermajority dragging their feet. If these pieces of legislation aren’t passed it will be a direct betrayal of We the People.

The House has done its job. The question is, will the Senate do theirs?
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