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  • Ten Times the Left Went Too Far

    June 23, 2020

    1. Paw Patrol under fire for depicting a police dog

    Offended Liberals couldn’t help themselves from ridiculing Paw Patrol, the popular children’s cartoon centered around a group of rescue pups, including a German Shepherd police dog named Chase. On Twitter, Leftists have aggressively called for the show to “euthanize the police dog.” According to Liberals promoting “ACAB,” “All Cops Are Bad,” means “All Canines Are Bad,” too. 

    2. The attack on Splash Mountain

    Splash Mountain, one of Disney World/Disneyland’s most beloved water rides, has come under fire over its theme. The ride, which is based on the 1940’s Disney film “Song of the South,” is now being considered racist for its affiliation with the post-Civil War/Reconstruction era cartoon. An online petition suggests the ride be completely redone in honor of The Princess and the Frog, Disney’s first movie with a black princess. 

    3. Hispanic man fired for promoting white supremacy by cracking his knuckles.

    A complete stranger photographed Emmanuel Cafferty, a hispanic resident of California, for hanging his arm out the window of his company truck. Cafferty, who was cracking his knuckles as he drove, unknowingly made a hand gesture connected to white supremacist groups. After circulation of the photo on Twitter, he lost his job at San Diego Gas and Electric over the controversy. “I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get over this, but to lose your dream job for playing with your fingers, that’s a hard pill to swallow,” Cafferty said.

    4. Aunt Jemima brand gets dropped for “racial stereotyping”

    Aunt Jemima has experienced major backlash over accusations of “racial stereotyping” and the 130-year-old brand has decided to undergo major rebranding. Aunt Jemima, modeled after a black woman named Anna Robinson, has undergone updates in appearance over the years in an attempt to modernize, but The Quaker Oats Company, which owns the brand, has decided to take things one step further by nixing the brand’s face entirely. Even syrup isn’t safe from the Left’s agenda. 

    5. The Help criticized by Liberal activists, including film’s star Viola Davis

    Liberal activists are pushing for Netflix to remove The Help, which documented the historic plights of black maids in the 1960’s, because it was directed by a white man and based on a book written by a white woman. Viola Davis, who starred in the movie, claims she regrets being a part of the project. Despite Leftist criticism, the inspirational film was one of Netflix’s most-viewed pieces of content amid the George Floyd protests. 

    6. LEGO ends promotions of law enforcement-themed toy sets

    After outrage from the Left regarding law enforcement officers, and anything even remotely law enforcement related, LEGO has made the decision to halt advertisements and promotions for their law enforcement-themed products. More recently, the brand even decided to halt promotions for products depicting the White House, because apparently children should not  celebrate our nation’s monuments or appreciate the sacrifice of law enforcement. 

    7. Bachelorette winner called racist for supporting law enforcement on social media

    Garrett Yrigoyen, who met and became engaged to The Bachelorette’s Becca Kufrin, was recently under fire after making a social media post in support of law enforcement. He shared he felt the need to support his many friends and family members involved in law enforcement because, “We can’t judge an entire group of people by the actions of a few. We can’t judge the peaceful protesters by the actions of the few violent protesters, and we sure can’t judge all cops by the actions of a few bad ones.” Fellow members of the franchise, including The Bachelorette’s first-ever black lead, Rachel Linsday, have publicly shamed Yrigoyen’s actions, even though he had also previously posted Black Lives Matter sentiments.

    8. Leftist tries and fails to reprimand Domino’s Pizza over eight-year-old Tweet

    In 2012, current White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany complimented Domino’s Pizza on Twitter. The company thanked the then twenty-four-year-old and the conversation ended., Nearly a decade later, this Twitter interaction was dug up by political consultant Rick Wilson who slammed the brand for their “affiliation” with the Republican. Domino’s fired back in defense with a Tweet saying, “Welp. It’s unfortunate that thanking a customer for a compliment back in 2012 would be viewed as political. Guess that’s 2020 for ya.”

    9. TV show Cops cancelled by the anti-police Left

    Anti-police protesters finally got their way; Cops has been canceled by Paramount Network. The reality show, which allowed for transparency in policing, followed law enforcement officers in over 140 cities around the country. Critics of law enforcement somehow believe canceling police television programs will end racism and police brutality. 

    10. University of Virginia changes logo due to “reference to slavery”

    Students and community members at the University of Virginia protested the university’s Athletic Department over minor details included in the school’s logo. The university changed the grips of the logo’s sabres, which were originally designed to mimic the serpentine walls found on the school’s grounds, because community members claimed the walls were often used to hide slaves from public view. The subtle change seems to have satisfied the Left, for now…

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