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  • Teachers Union Denied!!!

    February 3, 2022

    Last year, the Missouri State Legislature scored a huge victory for the children of Missouri. 

    Thanks to the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program, Missouri families will have more educational choice and the opportunity to leave failing government-run schools. 

    Seems like a great solution, right? 

    Unfortunately, not everyone thought so. 

    The MNEA (a teachers union) has been working to put an end to this vital program.  

    This week, however, their efforts were BLOCKED.

    A Cole County judge delivered a huge victory for school choice by denying the MNEA’s attempt to put an end to the ESA program.

    This ruling couldn’t have come at a more critical time.

    If the MNEA had succeeded, they would have been solely responsible for keeping disabled and low to middle-income children in failing schools.

    This is a BIG WIN for school choice, students, and families everywhere!

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