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Liberty Alliance USA Releases Documents that Show Mayor Lucas and Members of the KC City Council Violated the Sunshine Law

August 5, 2021

Today, Liberty Alliance USA has released the first set of documents that were obtained as part of a months-long effort to request public documents and shed light on the illegal confiscation of police department funds by Mayor Lucas and members of the City Council.

This year, Mayor Lucas and eight members of the City Council illegally defunded the police department in the middle of a violent crime wave by raiding the police budget after already having appropriated the money to them earlier in the year. While the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners has already filed a lawsuit to restore the funds, Liberty Alliance has discovered yet another violation of state law.

A majority of the City Council, including Mayor Lucas, conspired in secret in order to defund the police without consulting the public or other members of the Council who support the police department. Discussing public business without public notice is a clear violation of state law.

“Mayor Lucas and the liberal members of the City Council tried to pull a fast one on the people of Kansas City. Instead of facing their constituents and telling them that they would be defunding the police by $42 million, they decided to conspire in secret and jam it through,” said Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas. “We are combing through thousands of texts and emails right now, and will continue releasing documents in the coming month. Those who break the law need to be held accountable, and the Mayor of Kansas City is no exception.”


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