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  • Should Our State Fund Sanctuaries?

    April 25, 2024

    Quinton Lucas announced his intention to bring New York City’s migrant crisis to Kansas City last week.

    The backlash has been HARSH

    Missouri banned sanctuary cities in 2009. That law made clear that any jurisdiction enforcing sanctuary policies would not be eligible for state funding.

    Councilman Nathan Willett introduced a very simple resolution that would have affirmed to the State Legislature that Kansas City is not and does not intend to become a sanctuary city.

    Mayor Lucas killed the resolution, moving it off the docket.

    The Missouri Senate is debating the state budget now.

    Senate Appropriations Chair Lincoln Hough should consider the tens of millions of dollars appropriated to Kansas City area projects in light of these developments.

    Should our state be sending tens of millions of dollars to a sanctuary city? 

    For example, should our state be appropriating $2 million for expansion and maintenance of the Bartle Hall Convention Center?

    Bartle Hall is the same facility that brought in the Revolutionary Black Panther Party to provide security in 2021.

    The Mayor should take responsibility for his actions. 

    Sanctuary cities are illegal in Missouri.

    Conservatives shouldn’t fund them.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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