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Statement from Liberty Alliance USA regarding Senate Bill 600

June 30, 2020

Liberty Alliance USA is a conservative grassroots and watchdog organization that is dedicated to holding elected officials accountable and implementing real reform at every level of government in order to make the Heartland a better place to live and raise a family. 

Today, Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas released the following statement regarding Senate Bill 600 which passed the General Assembly by a wide margin and is endorsed by local prosecutors, sheriffs, police chiefs, and police officers. The bill is awaiting Governor Parson’s signature:

“Violent crime is a growing concern for Missourians, and Senate Bill 600 is a commonsense piece of legislation that cracks down on these offenders by eliminating probation for convicted murderers and allowing carjackers to be prosecuted as felons. This legislation is so uncontroversial that it passed by a veto-proof majority on a 27-2 vote in the Missouri Senate back in February,” said Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas. “Sadly, insiders and lobbyists for fringe groups like the ACLU are now urging Governor Parson to veto this bill. If this legislation does not become law, radical prosecutors like Kim Gardner in St. Louis and Kansas City prosecutor and Missouri Democrat Chairwoman Jean Peters Baker will continue their catch and release practices that have made Missouri’s two biggest cities some of the most dangerous in the country.  Governor Parson must reject the calls from the mob to ‘defund the police,’ and instead give law enforcement more resources to protect our communities.”


Read the full article here:

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