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  • Liberty Alliance USA announces digital ad buy urging Governor Parson to sign Senate Bill 600

    July 2, 2020

    Liberty Alliance USA is a conservative grassroots and watchdog organization that is dedicated to holding elected officials accountable and implementing real reform at every level of government in order to make the Heartland a better place to live and raise a family. 

    Today, Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas released the following statement announcing a statewide digital ad campaign urging Governor Parson to listen to his supporters and sign Senate Bill 600 into law:

    “Missouri has a choice: we can continue ignoring our violent crime issue, or we can become a law and order state. Over the past month, radical liberals across our country have been supporting and enabling violent criminal mobs to rampage across our cities and commit acts of terror. Thankfully, legislative leaders in Missouri are working hard to fight violent crime and keep felons off of our streets. Senate Bill 600 passed on a bipartisan basis and is widely supported by Missourians in every zip code,” said Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas. “Today, Liberty Alliance is committing thousands of dollars toward a campaign urging Governor Parson to keep his promise to combat crime in our state. Missourians do not back down to fringe groups like the ACLU and others who oppose this commonsense legislation. We are urging Governor Parson to demonstrate his commitment to law and order and sign SB 600.”


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