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  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reporter Spouts Wild Murder Theory in Bizarre Email

    February 22, 2021

    Statement from Liberty Alliance USA regarding St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Jack Suntrup’s unprofessional and unhinged behavior:

    Reporter Jack Suntrup covers state government and politics for the Post-Dispatch and has a history of attacking conservatives and spreading misinformation. Suntrup routinely makes unfounded accusations against conservatives and writes his articles with a clear political bias. Liberty Alliance USA has obtained public documents that highlight the wild manner in which Suntrup continues to conduct himself.  

    For years, Missourians have watched as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a once respected paper, has become a shell of its former self. At one point in time, Missourians could count on real journalists to report the news and inform citizens about their state and local government. Unfortunately, the Post-Dispatch has abandoned its journalistic standards and transformed into a hyper-partisan outlet with a clear left wing agenda.

    “The Post-Dispatch should be ashamed at how their employees conduct themselves. Their reporters are supposed to report the news and inform their readers about the daily happenings in state and local government. Instead, Suntrup makes unfounded and deranged claims that the Governor’s office is trying to have him murdered,” said Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas. “This is a new low for an already classless reporter and showcases how he treats conservatives behind the scenes. The Post-Dispatch needs to get their reporters under control and begin the hard work of regaining the trust of their readers.”



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