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  • Nicole Galloway’s Hypocrisy

    October 30, 2019

    Actions have always spoken much louder than words in Missouri. Empty rhetoric has never meant much, after all, we are the “Show-Me state.” Amazingly, Nicole Galloway still hasn’t gotten the message.

    Galloway has spent the last couple of years producing ads and sending out emails detailing her “fight” against dark money. She claims that dark money is destroying our democracy, and she alone will be able to rid our state of this evil. What Galloway fails to mention is that she has a history of benefiting from and supporting dark money.

    In 2018, a group called Clean Missouri amended the Missouri Constitution. This group successfully changed our laws to give Nicole Galloway and the State Auditor’s office more control over the redistricting process in Missouri. The law could have been changed to give this new power to any statewide elected official, but they intentionally chose the only Liberal in office, Nicole Galloway. This was a decision that gave Nicole Galloway an immense increase in power. The state demographer is going to have an impact on our state for decades to come, as they are able to single-handedly draw the districts in Missouri to be followed for 10 years.

    Galloway was a critical supporter of Clean Missouri in 2018, and she has made protecting the amendment a cornerstone of her political career and identity going forward. The only issue is that Galloway conveniently leaves out some key details when she heaps praises on Clean Missouri.

    Clean Missouri is funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars of out-of-state dark money. These dark money groups are affiliated with George Soros’ network that donates millions of dollars to Liberal causes across the country.

    Clean Missouri was the perfect opportunity for Nicole to finally act on her supposed “fight” against dark money. Instead, she wholeheartedly supports the group because it benefits her.

    Liberal groups are popping up all the time and utilize dark money, but as long as she agrees with their agenda, Nicole stays silent. In the last couple of months, a group was formed to expand Obamacare in Missouri. They are primarily funded by hundreds of thousands of dollars of dark money, but once again, Nicole has remained silent.

    Nicole Galloway’s hypocrisy on the dark money issue is just one example of her tendency to say one thing but do another. Missourians deserve better. We deserve elected officials who tell us the truth about where they stand. Nicole doesn’t feel the need to be honest with us.

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