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  • Nicole Galloway’s No Good, Very Bad Week

    February 3, 2020

    State Auditor and gubernatorial candidate Nicole Galloway has had plenty of public mishaps and scandals during her time in politics. Galloway has deleted text messages off of her government phone and refused to honor Missouri’s sunshine law, displayed blatant hypocrisy on the issue of dark money, accepted donations from a corrupt organization under federal investigation, and cozied up to special interests and lobbyists – but this scandal takes the cake.

    In 2018, Galloway’s idol and political mentor, Claire McCaskill, was defeated by Josh Hawley in the election for U.S. Senate. After the election, Galloway wasted no time in hiring McCaskill’s campaign manager, David Kirby, to a tax-payer funded job that pays over $100,000 per year in the Missouri State Auditor’s Office. For the past year, Kirby and Galloway have made it their mission to politicize and denigrate the Auditor’s office.

    After Josh Hawley left the Attorney General’s Office to join the Senate, Galloway began working on a closeout audit on his administration. Many people have been wondering why that audit hasn’t been released yet. Hawley was sworn in as a Senator over a year ago.

    This week in a leaked email, we found out exactly why it has been taking so long. In a now released email, an auditor who works for Galloway claimed that she was going to “beef up” an aspect of the audit to make Hawley look bad.

    Although the media normally fawns over her, even they couldn’t ignore the blatant corruption and malfeasance taking place under Galloway.

    If that wasn’t bad enough, during hearings that were called to look into the matter this week, a 35-year employee of the State Auditor’s Office admitted that a McCaskill donor was directing the audit into Hawley.

    It’s no wonder they were looking for ways to attack our Senator. The disgruntled McCaskill supporter, just like Galloway, can’t get over the results of the 2018 election.

    When Galloway was asked about the audit, she said that nothing was out of the ordinary and no special steps were being taken to fix the political bias in the report. But when a senior employee was asked the same question, he stated that the McCaskill donor was taken off the audit two weeks ago, something that has not been done in over 35 years.

    This story has all the signs of a massive coverup by Galloway and her partisan staff. We need a full investigation into her office in order to find the truth. Until that investigation is complete, we can’t trust Galloway to do her job.

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