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  • Nicole Galloway Lies about her Dark Money Network

    March 23, 2020

    Nicole Galloway is a textbook politician. She is extremely calculated, and it seems like every move she makes is dictated by pollsters and consultants. Most Missourians don’t have a chance to see or meet Galloway, but when she does appear in public, it’s a made-for-TV production.

    The one issue that she constantly talks about is the evils of dark money. Her polling and team of consultants must have determined that railing against the ominous sounding “dark money” would be a winning political strategy.

    Galloway has made her fight against dark money a cornerstone of her political career. There’s only one problem with her strategy – despite all of her public statements, she has her own network of dark money donors set up to aide her political career.

    In 2018, Galloway stated on video that she would not associate herself in anyway with dark money groups. She even stated that she would ask dark money groups who are working on her behalf to step out of the race.

    If that wasn’t enough, just this week Galloway sent out an email attacking her political opponent’s use of an independent PAC.

    Regardless of the fact that independent PACs aren’t dark money – they report all of their contributions and expenditures- Galloway has publicly taken a purist stance against outside money.

    Reality tells a whole different story.

    Galloway is currently using an independent PAC called “Keep Government Accountable” in order to raise large amounts of money from corporations. This PAC is a “dark money” PAC according to Galloway. Unsurprisingly, Galloway has not called for them to get out the race despite the treasurer admitting in an interview that they are going to be supporting Galloway.

    “We obviously would support her if she runs for governor,” said Kevin Gunn, the treasurer of Keep Government Accountable.

    We don’t anticipate Galloway following through on her word and telling her dark money PAC to get out of the race. Unfortunately, Missourians have seen this play out far too many times. Galloway says one thing publicly but does another with her team of lobbyist family members and political consultants.

    While most Missourians have never met Nicole Galloway, they are quickly learning the golden rule about her – don’t believe a word she says.

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