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  • Nicole Galloway: A True Jefferson City Insider

    October 24, 2019

    If there’s one thing that Republicans and Democrats can agree on in Missouri, it’s that Nicole Galloway is one savvy politician. Recently, Galloway has claimed she will stand up to special interests and the political class. The only problem: this image that she has created for herself is a complete and utter lie.

    Galloway’s entire career has revolved around utilizing her insider connections to advance through the political ranks. Her political career started when she was appointed to the position of Boone County Treasurer. Members of the Boone County Democrat Party opposed her appointment to the job, but Galloway was able to use her connections to persuade Gov. Jay Nixon to ignore the local suggestion.

    Just a few years after she was appointed to her first political job, she proved to everyone just how beholden she was to the Jefferson City swamp. This became evident when Gov. Nixon appointed her again, this time to the State Auditor’s Office. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Galloway owes the political establishment a lot of favors.

    Galloway also claims that while many other elected officials are beholden to special interests, she champions a “New Way”. What she fails to mention is that her family is full of lobbyists who lobby the same state government that she is in charge of auditing. Galloway’s husband worked for the State of Missouri from 2009-2012 before he used the revolving door to immediately become a lobbyist in 2013.

    Galloway came out as a super fan of the George Soros funded initiative last year, Clean Missouri. One of the main aspects of this initiative was preventing public employees from leveraging their government connections and immediately becoming lobbyists. Galloway spoke about the need to ban this practice because of the “ethical issues” that come along with it. However, when it benefitted her family just a few years earlier, Galloway had no problems with it.

    Galloway’s father-in-law is also a long-time lobbyist in Jefferson City. He lobby’s many of the same entities that Galloway is in charge of auditing. This relationship poses many ethical issues and exemplifies how entangled she is with Jefferson City insiders.

    Many questions need to be asked of Nicole Galloway’s meteoric rise to the top of the Missouri political class; however, it seems as though the press is wholly uninterested in reporting these facts. Missourians deserve to know the truth.

    Liberty Alliance USA will continue providing the stories that Missourians need to hear, and reporting the facts that are too often ignored.

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