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  • Missouri Ethics Commission Finds Probable Cause that Representative Ian Mackey Violated the Law Based on Complaint Filed by Liberty Alliance

    May 26, 2021

    Statement from Liberty Alliance USA regarding Democrat State Representative Ian Mackey and his illegal fundraising activities:

    Last year, Liberty Alliance filed an ethics complaint after Representative Mackey illegally fundraised on taxpayer funded property.

    Fundraising in the State Capitol violates the Missouri Constitution. The punishment for this offense is up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Mackey swore an oath to uphold the Missouri Constitution, and he betrayed the trust of the voters when he illegally abused taxpayer-funded resources.

    This week, the MEC announced that after a lengthy investigation, they found reasonable grounds to believe that a violation of criminal law occured. The matter was then referred to the Cole County Prosecutor. Unfortunately, after the Grand Jury deliberated, it was determined that Ian Mackey will not stand trial for his alleged crimes.

    “It is a sad day for the rule-of-law. Nobody is denying that Representative Mackey illegally fundraised on taxpayer-funded property, and it is a complete miscarriage of justice that he is not facing punishment for his crime,” said Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas. “We applaud the diligent work of the MEC and the Cole County Prosecutor, and we will continue fighting to protect Missourians from politicians who choose to waste and abuse their tax dollars.”


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