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  • Liberal Cities in Disarray

    September 2, 2020

    All across the country, some of our most iconic American cities are on fire. Over the past 100 days, violent rioters and looters have taken control of our urban centers and their brazen lawlessness has seen virtually no consequences. They’ve caused millions of dollars in damage.

    While the crime wave is widespread, there is one common denominator – it is only happening in cities that have the most radically Liberal mayors. These mayors have done nothing to quell the violence, and in most cases, they’ve  encouraged and emboldened these criminals.

    Everyday, more and more Americans are getting fed up with the lawlessness. After 100 days of continued violence, Liberal mayors have a new strategy: blame President Trump and “society” for the violence. This excuse is absolutely ludicrous since these cities have been under complete Liberal rule for DECADES. Here are just a few examples:

    Washington D.C. 

    Has ALWAYS had a Liberal mayor.

    In Washington D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser has bowed down to the radicalAntifa thugs and  Black Lives Matter mobs. As public property, monuments, and businesses have been destroyed, she has continually told police to stand down. When federal law enforcement cracked down on criminals, she criticized their efforts and even painted “Black Lives Matter” on a major street to appease the rioters.


    Has had a Liberal mayor for the past 50+ years.

    In Seattle, Mayor Jenny Durkin literally handed her city over to a group of anarchists and allowed them to take over a police station to form their lawless autonomous zone. Mayor Durkin instructed the city’s police officers to steer clear of the area and a rapper and self-proclaimed warlord began running the area. Theft, property damage, beatings, rapes, and even murder was committed there before city forces finally reclaimed the area nearly a month later.


    Has had a Liberal mayor for the past 59 years.

    In Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey portrayed himself as a staunch ally to the Black Lives Matter organization. As small businesses burned, and criminals rioted and looted for days on end, Frey did nothing. He even marched and stood with the criminals. Regardless of his support, the radical group eventually turned on him. He has continued to stand by idly as the City Council has moved to defund  the police.


    Has had a Liberal mayor for the past 40 years.

    In Portland, Mayor Ted Wheeler has watched rioting and violence against his own police officers persist for close to 100 days. In an effort to appease the thugs who are attacking law enforcement every single night, Mayor Wheeler has routinely rejected help from all other law enforcement entities. He has gone as far as saying that a law enforcement presence is the reason that the violence is out of control. Recently, an innocent Trump supporter was murdered in Portland. Instead of strongly condemning the violence, Wheeler blamed Trump supporters for daring to enter the city to express their First Amendment rights.


    Has had a Liberal mayor for the past 89 years.

    In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has allied herself with the violent mob since she was elected. Looters destroyed downtown businesses on the Magnificent Mile, one of the premier shopping locations in the nation, on numerous occasions. Instead of getting tough with these criminals, Mayor Lightfoot decided to appease them by shutting down streets and allowing these thugs to harm the businesses and the local economy.

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