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  • Leftist Hypocrisy Strikes Again!

    April 23, 2021

    The left (wrongly) accused President Trump of advocating violence on January 6th. They even impeached him and tried to remove him anyway.

    You’d think they’d do the same with someone who actually urged people to get confrontational with law enforcement.

    Well, my friend, you would be absolutely wrong.

    This past weekend, Maxine Waters made comments encouraging riots in the streets if Derek Chauvin isn’t convicted for the death of George Floyd.

    Not only did the Left NOT vote to expel Maxine Waters from office, they couldn’t even bring themselves to censure her for inciting violence.

    Since the Left is so interested in expanding the definition of words (infrastructure), it’s only fair we do the same.

    Let’s start by associating “Leftists” with “hypocrites.” It only makes sense. After all, this week they gave us another reason why.

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