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  • Statement from Liberty Alliance USA regarding Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker

    January 22, 2020

    Today, Liberty Alliance USA released the following statement regarding the failure of the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute recent mass shooter Jahron Swift and keep Missourians safe:

    Jackson County Prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker, who also serves as the Chairwoman of the Missouri Democrat Party, failed to prosecute Jahron Swift in 2017 when she had the chance. Instead of being safely behind bars, Swift committed a mass shooting this weekend, killing an innocent victim, and injuring 15 more. Peters Baker is now trying to hide behind lies to advance her far-Left agenda and avoid what is apparent to everyone – she allowed a dangerous man to plea to a serious firearms charge and walk free on probation.

    Missouri’s permitless conceal and carry law is entirely irrelevant here, and Peters Baker knows it. The facts of the matter are that Swift was charged in January 2017 with unlawful felony possession of a firearm for having a handgun and a controlled substance—cocaine. Swift was released back into the community on his word to come back to court without having to post bail while the court proceedings took place. Peters Bakerdid drop the permitless carry crime but had also charged Swift with felony unlawful possession of a firearm. She then allowed Swift to plea to the dangerous weapons charge and simple drug possession and to walk free on probation. The prosecutor didn’t even argue for jail time, despite originally charging Swift with crimes so serious they could have carried four and seven years in prison, respectively. Swift was given suspended sentences for both of his felonies and sentenced to three years of probation without serving any time in prison.   

    “Peters Baker is trying to distract from her office allowing a dangerous man to plead to a serious felony charge and walk free, by complaining about a different law-Missouri’s conceal and carry-that never applied to Swift’s felony gun and drug charge. Rather than taking responsibility, Peters Baker is playing political football with innocent lives,” said Chris Vas, Executive Director of Liberty Alliance USA. “Jahron Swift ruined countless people’s lives because a liberal prosecutor refused to do her job. When her poor performance was questioned in the media, Peters Baker was quick to blame everybody else for her office’s failures. The people of Kansas City deserve to go to bed at night feeling safe that their elected leaders are working hard to keep them protected. Peters Baker decided to betray the people’s trust when she allowed Swift to not face jail time on his felony gun and drug possession charge. Her conduct is unacceptable and sickening.”


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