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  • Special Interests and Lobbyists are Siding with Criminals

    June 4, 2020

    Missouri has a violent crime issue. While it is a great place to live, work, and raise a family, we need to acknowledge the facts in order to improve the state.

    St. Louis and Kansas City are among the most dangerous cities in the entire country. It’s clear that our state needs to address the situation and propose new solutions. 

    Our government’s number one priority is to protect its citizens. This spring, Conservative leaders in the Missouri Legislature passed Senator Tony Luetkemeyer’s Senate Bill 600. This bill implements common-sense reforms in order to keep repeat offenders and violent criminals off the streets.

    Why is this bill so important?

    The bill states that criminals convicted of murder should not have the opportunity to be released on probation and avoid jail time. The bill also implements stiffer penalties for violent felons who possess illegal firearms. 

    At a time when violent crime is out of control, felons who don’t respect our laws should be behind bars. It is that simple. These criminals should not be walking the street to terrorize more innocent citizens.

    Sadly, at a time when criminals are running through our streets and rioting –special interests, lobbyists, and insiders are working double time to stop this critical bill from becoming law. These powerful insiders are siding with criminals and attacking Governor Parson in an effort to have him veto the bill.

    Missourians are sick and tired of the cycle of violence in our state. We know that nothing will change unless the most heinous criminals are put in prison. Governor Parson has a golden opportunity to create real change and side with law-abiding citizens. 

    Liberty Alliance looks forward to Governor Parson standing up to the special interests and signing this bill into law. Missouri is ready for a safer and more prosperous future, and this is the first step.

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