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Hallmark Hypocrisy

January 12, 2021

The Liberal Cancel Crowd has whipped themselves into a frenzy yet again. This time, they are targeting businesses who have donated to Conservatives like Senator Roger Marshall from Kansas and Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri. Their crime? Daring to speak out about irregularities in our election.
Hallmark is one of the first companies to cave in to the latest instance of Cancel Culture. The company demanded that Senators Marshall and Hawley return their campaign contributions because the two senators do not “reflect the values of their company.”
Hallmark has not asked for any other donations back, despite the fact that they also contributed to Senator Tom Carper of Delaware. Carper has admitted in interviews to hitting his wife and giving her a black eye. No, really, we’re serious. Read the story HERE.
Objecting to irregularities in our election violates Hallmark’s values, but wife-beating doesn’t? Hallmark is a joke.

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