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  • GOP-led Abortion Campaign? What a Joke

    January 16, 2024

    We’ve previously covered attempts by Left-wing death cultists to qualify a constitutional amendment that would create an extreme abortion regime in Missouri.

    Although Liberals pretend their proposals are “moderate,” they would allow over 80% of elective abortions and the killing of babies with heartbeats, fingerprints, and pain-signaling neurotransmitters

    Perhaps the most pernicious lie pushed by Left-wing journalists is that a high-profile initiative petition is “GOP-Led.”

    Liberal journalists love abortion and they think they can mislead Missouri’s conservative majority about who is funding their efforts. 

    The “GOP-led” lie starts and ends with the face of the anti-Life campaign, Jamie Corley.

    Corley’s claimed Conservative credentials rely heavily on her time representing “Republican” Senator Bob Corker.

    Corker was the only Republican to vote against the Trump tax cuts and considers himself aligned with Mitt Romney and Jeff Flake.

    Outside of her stint on the Hill, Corley spent years living in California where she ran a consulting firm and worked for Future Caucus, a policy shop pushing Left-wing election reforms like automatic voter registration and ranked-choice voting

    None of this should be a surprise, however. 

    In June, we caught the Left-wing election scammers at Show Me Integrity instructing their supporters to LIE.

    The Left-wing playbook for initiative petitions is clear: lie to Missouri voters and pretend Conservatives support your cause.

    Jamie Corley is not a Conservative.

    The abortion measure is not “GOP-led.”

    If you see someone with a petition, decline to sign.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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