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  • Statement from Liberty Alliance USA regarding possible crimes committed by Nicole Galloway’s Office

    February 6, 2020

    Today, Liberty Alliance USA Executive Director Chris Vas released the following statement regarding Nicole Galloway’s audit of former Attorney General Josh Hawley:

    “For weeks Missourians have been concerned that political bias has been running rampant in the Missouri State Auditor’s Office under Nicole Galloway. We were deeply troubled when Galloway used high-level Liberal campaign operatives and Claire McCaskill donors to lead an audit into Josh Hawley. Shockingly, out-of-control political bias is not the most concerning aspect of this audit. It was discovered that Nicole Galloway may have committed a felony under Missouri law when she released confidential audit working papers to the public.”

    “Trust in Nicole Galloway and the State Auditor’s Office is at an all-time low. Attorney General Schmitt’s Office warned Auditor Galloway last month that her release of confidential audit work papers would be a clear violation of Chapter 29.080, RSMo.—a felony. Yet she did it anyway, in violation of Missouri law and professional licensure rules governing her and her staff. We urge the Missouri General Assembly to launch a full investigation into whether Nicole Galloway or agents of her office knowingly violated Missouri law by releasing confidential material. Missourians deserve to know if a crime was committed. We urge the Cole County prosecutor to review the position of the Attorney General and launch an investigation if appropriate. It is vital that Missourians are able to trust our elected officials.”


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