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  • FIGHT BACK: The Next 3 Bills on our Wishlist

    December 19, 2023

    We couldn’t be more excited about the top Conservative bills we’ve shared with you so far. 

    These next three bills highlight some of the ways Conservative legislators are FIGHTING BACK against the Left.

    BAN RIGGED-CHOICE VOTING. Ranked-choice voting is a Left-wing scam pushed by George Soros and his friends to subvert the will of Conservative voters. The Radical Left knows that they can’t win elections so they want to change the rules. Missouri needs to ban this scheme once and for all.

    – Sponsored by Senator Ben Brown

    See HERE

    STOP ESG. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards are used by financial institutions to force Left-wing ideology on businesses and the American people. Just like ranked-choice voting, ESG is a SCAM that Progressives use because they can’t win elections. This bill divests Missouri pension systems from participating in ESG and requires their managers to uphold their fiduciary duty to investors, NOT Leftist billionaires.

    – Sponsored by Senator Rusty Black

    See HERE

    EXPAND SCHOOL CHOICE. We know that Radical teachers’ unions have taken over our public schools and turned them into indoctrination factories. The best way that we can take back control is by implementing strong school choice policies. The legislature should build on the success of the MOScholars program and make sure every kid in every county has access to a high-quality school of their choosing.   

    – Sponsored by Andrew Koenig

    See HERE

    Keep an eye out for the next three bills in our 12 Days of Liberty Alliance series coming later this week. We’ll be highlighting some of the ways Conservatives are standing up to the Chinese Communist Party here in our state.

    We want Conservative activists like you to know what is going on in Jefferson City.

    Together we can push back against the Radical Left and their billionaire funders.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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