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  • Statement from Liberty Alliance USA regarding the Fair Missouri Amendment

    February 6, 2020

    Today, Liberty Alliance USA Executive Director Chris Vas released the following statement regarding the Missouri Senate’s perfection of the Fair Missouri ballot measure:

    “Last night, the Missouri Senate took the first step to put the Fair Missouri ballot measure before voters in 2020, despite staunch opposition from Liberals who want to manipulate our political landscape in their favor. Senate Conservatives fought to implement a bipartisan redistricting system that will keep our neighborhoods and communities together, take control out of the hands of unelected bureaucrats, and protect minority voters according to the United States Constitution. The measure also includes a ban on all lobbyist gifts, makes a cut in campaign contributions to legislators, and takes the vital step to remove the requirement in Missouri’s constitution to count illegal immigrants in the map drawing process – all things Liberals fought hard against.”

    “Liberals in Jefferson City are desperate to slant our state to the far Left any way they can, even if they have to use political appointees and illegal immigrants to get their way – but Missourians will see through it. We applaud the leadership of Senator Dan Hegeman and Senate Conservatives for giving Missourians the option to restore redistricting to a fair, bipartisan process, ban lobbyist gifts and reduce the influence of big money in legislative campaigns. We look forward to the House following suit and the voters having their say in November.”


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