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  • Cori Bush Welcomes Terrorists

    February 1, 2024

    This week has been a tough one for the SQUAD.

    Wannabe Fire Marshal Jamaal Bowman got caught spreading 9/11 conspiracy theories when he was a high school principal in the Bronx. 

    Ilhan Omar was exposed for pledging allegiance to Somalia and Somalian interests in Congress.

    AOC defended the Hamas-affiliated UN Relief and Works Agency.

    And that brings us to Cori Bush, who is now under investigation for illegally using security funds to pay her husband to be her bodyguard.

    It keeps getting worse.

    Just yesterday, the House of Representatives voted on HR 6679, a bill that very simply bans members of Palestinian Islamic Jihad or Hamas, or anyone who participated in or otherwise facilitated the October 7, 2023, attacks on Israel from admission into the United States.

    The bill passed 422-2.

    Guess who voted to allow terrorists into this country?

    Cori Bush is a disgrace who has embarrassed our state for long enough.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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