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  • Tim Jones

    May 13, 2021

    Conservative Champion: Tim Jones

    Tim Jones is many things. He’s a visionary. He’s a reformer. He’s an influencer.

    He’s accomplished in 49 years what most can’t do in a lifetime.

    This is his story.

    Tim’s journey begins in Eureka, Missouri, where he grew up in a strong and supportive household. His parents inspired him to take responsibility for the direction of his life, and were dedicated to bringing out the best in their children.

    Growing up, Jones recalled a common phrase from his parents: “Whatever you have, consider it a blessing, and be able to give it back.”

    Those words became ingrained in Jones from a very young age, providing a strong foundation for who he would become.

    Much of who Tim Jones is today can be attributed to what he learned from his parents.

    From his mother, Jones would develop a passion for helping others. Throughout grade school, he served in the Student Council, and during high school he could be found helping at the St. Patrick’s Center in downtown St. Louis. Each month he would help feed the homeless or assist at the center’s child daycare center.

    From his father, Jones learned a set of values that would strengthen his conservative viewpoints. Watching his father run his veterinarian clinic taught him more about business than any textbook could. Jones learned that businesses work best with less regulation. He would also come to understand that taxes are the enemy of small business.

    A strong investment from his parents complimented his Jesuit education. When he graduated from St. Louis University High, he took a strong sense of purpose and principles to Fordham University with him.

    During his college years, Jones joined the Fordham Young Republicans, and was part of the group’s executive team during the heyday of Leftist activism. Many Leftist groups visited Fordham, but Jones and his conservative peers were always willing to hear what they had to say – understanding those groups had a right to express their viewpoints. Jones highlighted an ironic contrast between those experiences and today’s society: it is now Leftist institutions that aren’t nearly as accepting of conservative groups.

    The Student Newspaper is where Jones learned to challenge the status quo- something that he would do often later in his career. He and his college roommate ran a weekly comic strip called “Suite Agony” that poked fun at the administration and its inconsistent policies.

    Probably the most impactful group that Jones joined at Fordham was also the one that helped prepare him for politics. His time as Assistant Chief of the campus’s Emergency Medical Service was as rewarding as it was challenging. He gained insight on how various government entities worked together to accomplish a mission.

    As Assistant Chief, there were times when he had to help with efforts outside of the campus’ jurisdiction, like in 1993, when terrorists bombed the World Trade Center. These are experiences that ordinary college students don’t have, but then again, not many people have Jones’ passion for serving others. That would only continue.

    After Fordham, Jones attended law school and found himself be the president of the Student Bar Association (Day Students) at St. John’s University. Upon graduating he took a position as the Assistant District Attorney of Nassau County in New York where he learned about the inner workings of government.

    Jones enjoyed New York, but he knew that he would eventually come back home. He soon returned to Eureka and took a position at a Chesterfield law firm.

    After settling in, Jones felt that he could give more.

    In Eureka, there was an issue between the municipal government and local businesses over a sign ordinance, and given is experience, Jones brokered a solution. He decided to run for City Council in April of 2001.

    There were problems as soon as he stepped in the race. The Eureka establishment didn’t want him to run because Jones refused to keep the status quo. They tried to defeat him before and during the election, but failed.

    Jones hopped in the race and won a rigorous 3-way contest in the general election.

    The results got the attention of the council members that would soon be his peers, and they chose him to be President of the Board of Alderman. Keeping his promise to the people, he resolved the sign ordinance issue along the way.

    But the story doesn’t stop there.

    His success at the municipal level presented him with greater opportunities. One of those included running for state representative. Facing yet another 3-way primary, Jones would prevail and proceed to win in the general election.

    Jones hit the ground running when he was sworn into office. He would eventually become Majority Floor Leader and then Speaker of the House.

    Jones credits his rise within the House of Representatives through learning the rules of the legislature quickly, being willing to help his fellow legislators in and out of session, and by narrowing his legislative priorities.

    And what were those legislative priorities? Tax reform, labor reform, and educational reform. He found success in all of them.

    He was the first Speaker of the House in Missouri to cut the state income tax in nearly a century. He was the first Speaker since the 1970s to bring Right to Work legislation to the floor and have it perfected. And he helped lay the foundation for the massive school choice victory that the Missouri State legislature recently passed.

    Oh and, along the way, he succeeded in overriding countless vetoes from Governor Jay Nixon. Jones is no longer in office, but still he’s still in the fight.

    He continues to work in pushing the conservative agenda all over the state and across the nation. With an extensive network, he’s had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of groups to push the conservative agenda. Some of which include Americans for Tax Reform, the MO Center-Right Coalition, The Hammond Institute, and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Through these groups he has been able to campaign for conservatives all over the country and promote the conservative cause.

    When Jones isn’t traveling, you can hear him on the radio by listening to his two shows: KWTO (93.3) in Springfield or on KFTK (97.1) in St. Louis.

    He’s known as the People’s Speaker for a reason.

    Jones understands that he couldn’t have succeeded so much on his own, and is quick to share credit for what he has accomplished. He’s grateful for the friends, family, and the mentors that have helped him along the way.

    It’s clear that Jones’s presence can be felt everywhere, which is why he is being recognized as a Conservative Champion.

    We learned about Tim Jones’ accomplishments through the grassroots community. We know that there are others out there like him, but we can’t find them by ourselves. We need YOUR help. Know someone like Tim who’s fighting for a better Missouri? We want to know about them. We want to share their story. Nominate a CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION today!

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