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  • Mark Alford

    July 14, 2022

    Throughout his life, Mark Alford has served in many ways. As a horse stable owner, a small business owner, a realtor, and as someone who has invested in his community with his time and charity work. He has also made a significant impact in journalism as a warrior for truth.

    This is his story.

    It was in the rice fields in Southeast Texas where Mark Alford developed a love of country, a sense of duty, and respect for authority.

    Growing up, his father played a pivotal role in shaping his ideal and values. As a Special Texas Ranger and an agriculture teacher involved with the Future Farmers of America, his father showed him the importance of service and how it can come in many ways. This principle was reinforced by Alford’s decision to carry his father’s copy of a pocket Constitution wherever he went. He continues to do so today, and it now serves as a reminder of the selfless acts of courage of our Founding Fathers.

    Alford had many interests growing up. He was a student of history and loved keeping up with current events. He was also inspired by his uncle’s profession as a television news anchor.

    He soon discovered that journalism could be a way to serve while also addressing his interests.

    If given the opportunity, he knew he could be someone that the people could rely upon to tell them the truth. He decided to answer that call.

    After high school, Alford attended the University of Texas in Austin where he actually reported on air for local television stations while in college.

    It wouldn’t be long until his career started to take off.

    He worked on various beats throughout Texas, covering local issues and political campaigns in Houston and Austin. His work would eventually lead him to Florida, where he covered President Trump’s battle with the Palm Beach city council over the remodeling of Mar-a-Lago.

    His investigative abilities rivaled his on-camera presence, so he was a naturally sought-after candidate for an anchor position. Opportunities came knocking.

    He and his wife wanted to move close to her family, so when a position at Fox 4 KC became available, the Alfords packed their bags and moved to Kansas City.

    Shortly after his arrival at the news network, the channel’s ratings started to take off. Part of the rise in ratings was due to Alford’s ability to connect with the audience.
    Alford’s approach to anchoring the news was similar to sitting around the breakfast table with the viewer and going through the newspaper. Asking questions and thinking aloud, he would go through each story as if he were right there with you.

    He was someone who could deliver the facts, but also someone his community could depend upon. When he wasn’t on the air, one could find Alford working to help fundraise and volunteer his time for various charities, causes, and projects in the area.

    He quickly became a pillar of the Kansas City community and someone the people could count on.

    And then journalism began to change. As news outlets started pushing a liberal agenda to their audiences, Alford had a front-row seat to combat it.

    Alford was deeply troubled by the direction that the industry was heading and knew that he needed to do something. Even if that meant standing alone.

    After 15 years of fighting back, however, Alford decided that there is a more effective way to educate the public on what is going on in the media. He’s sharing what he’s learned and taking that knowledge directly to the people.

    The good news? His message is getting through. The veil is being lifted.

    And more people are waking up.

    Mark Alford has proven he is someone that Missourians and the American people can count on for the truth, which is why we are proud to recognize him as a CONSERVATIVE CHAMPION.

    We know that there are other Champions like Mark Alford out there, but we can’t find them by ourselves. We need YOUR help.

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