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  • Clemency for Eric DeValkenaere

    November 15, 2023

    Detective Eric DeValkenaere served the Kansas City community for 20 years.

    While on duty in 2019, he witnessed a violent felon in a pick-up truck chasing his ex-girlfriend, who had her child with her in her car.

    When the pick-up came to a stop, Detective DeValkenaere attempted to apprehend the suspect, who did not comply. The suspect pulled a gun and Detective DeValkenaere made a split-second decision to protect his partner.

    That’s when Radical activists and their allies decided to concoct a new narrative to fit their anti-police ideology.

    Detective DeValkanaere was charged with armed criminal action by an extreme Left-wing prosecutor and sentenced to six years behind bars.

    We can stand up to this injustice.

    Ask Governor Parson to grant Detective DeValkenaere’s request for clemency and return him to his family.


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