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Liberty Alliance USA Files Ethics Complaint against Clean Missouri for Violating Missouri State Law

July 28, 2020

Liberty Alliance USA, a watchdog and grassroots organization that works to hold those in power accountable, announced today it has filed a complaint against the Clean Missouri campaign with the Missouri Ethics Commission. 

Liberty Alliance has requested the MEC investigate Clean Missouri for violating Missouri state law due to their payment to a current member of the General Assembly on June 25, 2020. 

In 2016, the Missouri Senate unanimously passed House Bill 1983 and it was signed into law by Democrat Governor Jay Nixon. Senator Jamilah Nasheed voted for the bill that would outlaw members of the General Assembly from being paid as political consultants by any campaign committee. 

Just four years after House Bill 1983 went into effect, Clean Missouri, a campaign that purports to bring transparency and ethics to Jefferson City, violated state ethics law by paying Senator Nasheed $5,000 as a political consultant. 

“It is extremely disturbing and a sad day for the State of Missouri when the campaign that claims it is fighting for stronger ethics rules in Jefferson City is unable to follow the rules that are already in place. The hypocrisy displayed by Clean Missouri and Senator Nasheed is unmatched,” said Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas. “Our democracy isn’t for sale, and paying legislators to support a political campaign is wholly unethical and illegal. We look forward to the Missouri Ethics Commission investigating this unlawful behavior from the Clean Missouri campaign and assessing the proper punishment according to state law.” 


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