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  • STL Catholics viciously attacked by Liberal protesters, attackers remain on the loose

    July 8, 2020

    St. Louis Catholics gathered for prayer at the foot of the statue of Saint Louis IX, St. Louis’s namesake, last Sunday. This prayer circle, however, was disrupted by vicious Liberal protesters who arrived to vandalize the statue and intimidate Catholic worshipers. 

    Religious leaders tried to engage in conversations with the protesters in an attempt to educate them on Saint Louis IX’s positive history and canonization as a saint in the Catholic Church. The protesters weren’t interested in education, though – their sole mission was to destroy the religious landmark for no real reason at all. 

    Individuals praying were brutally mocked by protesters, and the statue was defaced with chalk. Tensions reached a boiling point when far-Left extremists physically attacked the Catholics, even mercilessly punching an elderly gentleman in the face. This act of violence wasn’t covered by the Liberal media, of course, because it doesn’t fit their skewed narrative that praises Black Lives Matter as a peaceful movement. 

    The violent attackers still remain uncharged by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Time and time again, Gardner has proven her radical Leftist agenda but defiantly refusing to charge those who committed brutal violence on camera is a new low. One of the attackers, Terrence Page, was recently interviewed by a local news station. He boldly admitted his role in the assault and unapologetically defended it, saying that he has “no regrets.” Page doubled-down on his actions against the peaceful Catholics, claiming that “their presence alone is terrorism.” When asked if violence was the best course of action, Page responded: “Real change doesn’t happen unless you take those risks.” Even with this outrageous public interview, Kim Gardner has still refused to take action in charging the violent attackers, including Page. 

    This behavior is so hypocritical coming from members of a movement that claim to stand against the persecution of minority groups, yet they have no problem targeting and brutalizing Catholics. Liberals claim to “celebrate diversity,” unless individuals don’t fall in lockstep with their ideas. 

    Our country stands for religious liberty. Transgressions against religious groups should not be tolerated, even if done in the name of “Black Lives Matter.” The Catholic Pope has publicly denounced racism and encouraged peaceful protests, but Catholics were still the target from far-Left protesters. This movement has gone beyond racial inequality, beyond police reform, and beyond George Floyd; it has become an outlet for anarchists who hate America to commit crimes without punishment.

    Liberals have no respect for the views and beliefs of others, as evidenced by their unlawful rampage against statues across the nation. Just how far will the Left go to erase history?

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