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  • Senators Blunt and Hawley vote against the Left’s Kangaroo Court

    February 15, 2021

    President Trump has been out of office for almost a month now, but the Left’s sham impeachment stunt is just now coming to an end.

    Missouri is lucky to have Senators Blunt and Hawley who voted NO on this unconstitutional charade. Instead of attacking Donald Trump, Missouri’s leaders are ready to tackle the real issues that are affecting the American people.

    The Swamp in Washington knew that their PR stunt was unconstitutional, they knew that they didn’t have enough votes to convict, and they knew that they were wasting our tax dollars, but they went ahead with impeachment anyway.


    Because the Left will do anything to distract the American people from the failures of Biden and his administration. Biden is going back on every campaign promise and is lying to us about  unifying the country.

    Our country needs more Senators like Blunt and Hawley.

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