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  • Missourians Approve Amendment 3 Despite Opposition from Coastal Liberals

    November 4, 2020

    Statement from Liberty Alliance USA regarding passage of Amendment 3 in Missouri’s general election:

    Today, Missourians across the state should wake up feeling relieved. Amendment 3 was approved by the voters in a clear victory. Despite millions of dollars of out-of-state dark money bankrolled by George Soros, Eric Holder, and a Texas billionaire couple, Missourians stood strong for local representation. Missouri voters rejected the Clean Missouri experiment, and now the liberal state auditor overwhelmingly rejected by Missourians plays no part in redrawing legislative districts.

    Despite being outspent over 20-1, a grassroots coalition of Missourians passed Amendment 3, ensuring our state’s tradition of bipartisan redistricting commissions stays intact.  

    “Missourians should rest easy today after securing a victory for local representation, fair maps, and ethics reform in Jefferson City. George Soros attempted to buy Missouri’s legislature, but Missourians saw through the Clean Missouri scam,” said Liberty Alliance Executive Director Chris Vas. “Amendment 3 received more votes than ‘Clean Missouri’ did in 2018, and the debate over redistricting should now be settled. Despite being outspent by more than 20-1 this election and over 40-1 over the past four years, the voters have clearly spoken and the will of the people should be respected. We look forward to a redistricting process that keeps communities of interest together and ensures local representation for ALL Missourians.”


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