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  • ACTION ALERT: STOP KC Sanctuary City

    April 23, 2024

    Quinton Lucas has LOST HIS MIND.

    Last week he took to social media to announce that he would be working with the Mayors of Denver and New York City to “ensure the decompression of” migrants in their towns.

    The backlash was immediate and severe.

    Mayor Lucas is already distributing ID cards to illegal aliens residing in Kansas City.

    He’s declared Kansas City a “sanctuary city” for those who wish to perform experimental sex change operations on children in violation of state law.

    He can’t be allowed to make Kansas City a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

    Missouri banned sanctuary cities in 2009. A city violating that ban would risk ALL of its state funding.

    Councilman Nathan Willett sponsored a resolution affirming to the state legislature that Kansas City WILL NOT become a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

    This resolution will be heard TODAY before the Special Committee for Legislative Review.

    Let Mayor Lucas and the members of the committee know that you SUPPORT the resolution and OPPOSE dangerous sanctuary city policies.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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