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  • 78% Of Americans Agree on This Issue

    June 18, 2024

    It seems like a no-brainer that foreign nationals should not be allowed to interfere in our elections. 

    In fact, 78% of Americans agree

    Still, Liberal foreign billionaires like Hansjorg Wyss have spent over $97.6 million on ballot initiative campaigns.

    His goal, as explained by his sister, is “to (re)interpret the American constitution in the light of progressive politics.”

    How does a foreign billionaire hide his influence on American elections, you might ask?

    One part of his strategy is to fund fake “news organizations.”

    The Missouri “Independent” will let you know on the masthead of their website that they are a member of the States Newsroom. 

    States Newsroom is funded by Hansjorg Wyss and grants from Liberal dark money groups.

    Is it possible that the Missouri “Independent” is a completely compromised joke of a publication that should not be taken seriously?

    Yes, in fact that’s the only rational conclusion.

    Their “newsroom” is made up exclusively of activist Liberal castaways who couldn’t cut it in journalism.

    Normal news publications are supported by reader subscriptions and advertising revenue. 

    That system ensures that the organizations are creating content that people want to read. 

    When a “newsroom” is funded exclusively by Liberal dark money, they only create content that Liberal dark money wants to read. 

    The Missouri “Independent” is an ABSOLUTE JOKE.

    Spencer Bone

    Executive Director
    Liberty Alliance USA

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