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  • Top Conservative Bills Introduced in the Missouri Legislature

    December 15, 2020

    Liberty Alliance will be highlighting 12 conservative bills that have been filed as part of our 12 days of Liberty Alliance. Our goal is to keep our top conservative activists informed on what is going on in the capitol by showcasing the top 12 conservative pieces of legislation. 

    Hundreds of bills have already been filed, and many of them propose great Conservative reforms that will truly make Missouri a better place to live and raise a family. We support these 12 bills and hope you will too.

    House Bill 31 

    Unlawful use of a laser pointer. This bill would make it unlawful to target our brave first responders with laser pointers. If passed, HB31 would make it a criminal offense to use laser pointers as weapons against uniformed officers including police officers, fire fighters, and emergency medical personnel. Across the nation we have seen ANTIFA and other radical groups use lasers to blind first responders. This bill sends a strong message that Missouri will protect our men and women in uniform.

    – Sponsored by Representative Sara Walsh

    House Bill 33
    Prohibits medical providers from administering gender reassignment treatment or surgery to anyone under the age of eighteen. This bill would prevent doctors and other medical providers from performing gender reassignment treatment on children. These medical procedures are oftentimes irreversible and will affect the child for the rest of their life. Children in Missouri should be protected from life-altering elective surgeries of this nature until they are adults. Missouri kids should not be part of a social experiment cooked up by radical extremists who are trying to change life as we know it.

    – Sponsored by Representative Suzie Pollock

    Senate Bill 224
    Requires certain MO HealthNet participants to comply with work and community engagement requirements. This legislation would require able-bodied adults without young children or dependents to comply with work requirements in order to receive taxpayer funded Medicaid coverage. This bill would require Medicaid recipients to complete a minimum of 80 hours per month of work, volunteering, job searching, or education in order to remain eligible for the program. Missouri is a generous state, but should not be providing taxpayer funded benefits to residents who are not contributing members of our society.

    – Sponsored by Senator Bob Onder 

    Senate Bill 129 
    Modifies provisions relating to the unlawful posting of certain information over the internet. This bill will make it a felony to post the personal information of law enforcement officers or their family members on the internet with the intention of causing them harm. This information includes home address, phone number, and Social Security numbers. Police officers are under attack across the country, and Missouri must be a leader in protecting the brave men and women in blue. Criminals who intend to intimidate and harm law enforcement officers need to face justice, and this bill does just that.

    – Sponsored by Senator Tony Luetkemeyer

    Senate Bill 168 
    Establishes the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.” This piece of Legislation will require any child who survives an abortion attempt to receive life-saving medical care. Across the country, abortion extremists are advocating for “post-birth abortions.” They believe that a child who survives an abortion should be left to die, or in some cases, killed after birth. This bill will protect the most vulnerable Missourians, and it also sends a clear message – every life is valuable in the State of Missouri.

    – Sponsored by Senator Eric Burlison

    House Bill 472
    Creates provisions for vote tabulating software requirements. This bill would require all software and computer programs used to count ballots and votes in our elections to be produced by American companies. Using foreign companies to count our votes is a national security threat, and opens up our elections to fraud and abuse. This legislation would also prevent companies with foreign citizens on the board from being a part of the vote counting process in Missouri. We can never allow what happened in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania to happen in our state.

    – Sponsored by Representative Aaron Griesheimer

    House Bill 308
    Exempts houses of worship from social distancing requirements issued by local or state health authorities. This bill would totally exempt houses of worship from any social distancing requirements or capacity limits imposed by health departments. All across the country and state, houses of worship are unconstitutionally targeted with arbitrary rules that prevent people of faith from practicing their religion. Government should never infringe on our First Amendment rights, and this law will be a huge victory for people of faith across Missouri.

    – Sponsored by Representative Ann Kelley

    House Bill 310
    Establishes the “Second Amendment Preservation Act,” which creates additional protections to the right to bear arms. This piece of Legislation will serve to strengthen Missourians’ Second Amendment rights. This bill is especially important now that Biden and his gun-grabbing cronies may be in power in January. Under this act, any federal law that attempts to restrict Missourians’ God given right to bear arms would carry no legal weight in Missouri. Also, any federal official who attempts to enforce measures to restrict our Second Amendment rights would be disqualified from ever serving as a law enforcement officer in the State of Missouri.

    – Sponsored by Representative Bishop Davidson

    Senate Bill 260
    Limits the total compensation of school superintendents. This bill would limit the exorbitant salaries of public school superintendents in Missouri. For far too long, the education establishment and teachers unions have been running the show. They resist any changes in our education system that actually put the students first. Reducing the salaries of superintendents will make sure that administrators are getting into education to serve students – not to line their own pockets.

    – Sponsored by Senator Cindy O’Laughlin

    House Bill 358
    Prohibits any state entity from participating in a firearm buyback program. This bill would prohibit any state agency or local government entity from participating in or using any tax dollars to participate in a gun buyback program. Here in Missouri, the government should protect our Second Amendment rights. Buyback programs are a completely inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars, and Missouri needs to send a clear signal to the Biden administration – our rights will not be infringed!

    – Sponsored by Representative Ben Baker

    Senate Bill 290
    Creates new provisions governing the prosecution of election offenses. This piece of Legislation will allow the Attorney General to help prosecute election related offenses. Voter fraud is an affront to every single citizen in our state, and we should unleash the full might of the Attorney General’s office to help local prosecutors hold offenders accountable. This will also allow the Attorney General’s Office to prosecute cases of election fraud in areas like St. Louis City, where Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is unlikely to prosecute voter fraud.

    – Sponsored by Senator Dan Hegeman

    House Bill 55
    Establishes the Missouri Monument Preservation Act, which requires certain procedures to remove, alter or, disturb certain monuments. This bill would require a vote by two-thirds of the voting majority at a general election to approve the removal of any statue, portrait, or marker that was intended to be a permanent memorial of an event, movement, person, or military service. Across our country, and even recently in Missouri, the Left is working to completely erase all history that they disagree with. Unfortunately, too many city councils and local elected officials are successfully shamed into removing historical monuments. This Legislation will protect our history and will give citizens the opportunity to make their voices heard.

    – Sponsored by Representative Adam Schnelting

    Be sure to share this list with your family and friends. It is important that conservative activists like you know what is going on in the capitol. Together we can help Keep Missouri Great!

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