Dangerous rhetoric and attacks on law enforcement do not just undercut the rule of law, they make Missouri more dangerous for all of us. Mistrust in our police officers and first responders makes it easier for liberal activists to enact policies that are soft on crime. We are keeping track of Missouri's most dangerous criminals who were given weak sentences and released from jail early. The criminals highlighted here went on to commit more heinous crime and wreak havoc on our state shortly after their release. Our communities can no longer suffer from the devastation that violent criminals inflict on them.

Missouri's Worst Convicts

  • Terrance Wesley

    Terrance Wesley

    NAME: Terrance Wesley

    LOCATION: St. Louis, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Wesley was sentenced to prison for burglary and domestic assault in 2010. After serving just four months, Wesley was released back onto the streets on parole. He returned to jail in 2013 and 2014. Shortly after his release, Wesley was charged with purposefully setting a car on fire in 2016.

    LATEST CRIME: Wesley was arrested for five counts of first-degree murder and attempted robbery and 10 counts of armed criminal action in July.

    SOURCE: Fox4 KC (7/9/19)

  • Anthony Watkins

    Anthony Watkins

    NAME: Anthony Watkins

    LOCATION: St. Louis, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Watkins was arrested in 2010 for drug possession. He was found with 23 bags of heroin and crack cocaine on his body after he attempted to resist arrest. Watkins was later released back into the community and finished his probation in 2016.

    LATEST CRIME: Watkins was arrested for five counts of first-degree murder and attempted robbery and 10 counts of armed criminal action in July.

    SOURCE: Fox4 KC (7/9/19)

  • Ronald Searle

    Ronald Searle

    NAME: Ronald Searle

    LOCATION: Crawford County, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Searle committed two felonies for aggravated domestic battery and unlawful possession of a stolen car in June. Searle was released into the community after posting $100 bail for his dual felonies.

    LATEST CRIME: Searle was drunk driving his pickup truck in August when he struck and killed a young father in Crawford County and was charged with second-degree murder.

    SOURCE: Peoria Journal Star (8/26/19)

  • James Waters

    James Waters

    NAME: James Waters

    LOCATION: Clinton, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Waters was first arrested and sent to jail in 1999 for second-degree robbery in Jackson County. In 2004, Waters was convicted for dealing drugs and for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was caught dealing drugs again in 2008, and was sentenced to prison in 2014 for resisting arrest. In 2017, Waters was found with a stolen gun, meth, and marijuana after crashing his vehicle. He was released on bond.

    LATEST CRIME: In 2018, while on bond for his 2017 arrest, Waters shot three Clinton police officers, killing one of them. Waters ended up dying after the exchange.

    SOURCE: KSHB-TV (3/7/2018)

  • Antonio Taylor

    Antonio Taylor

    NAME: Antonio Taylor

    LOCATION: Ballwin, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: In 2006, Taylor was arrested for second-degree robbery, unauthorized use of a vehicle, and eluding a police officer. In 2009, Taylor pled guilty to felony unlawful possession of a firearm, but was issued a suspended execution of sentence and probation instead of a six-year prison sentence. A year later, in 2010, Taylor was again arrested for possessing a firearm while being a felon, and he served 30 months in federal prison before being released back into the community. Taylor also has a history of domestic assault. In 2013, he was arrested yet again for possessing an illegal firearm and served a 15 month sentence before being released.

    LATEST CRIME: In 2016, Taylor was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. When the officer turned around to walk back to his patrol car, Taylor exited his vehicle and fired three shots. The officer is paralyzed from his injuries.

    SOURCE: KTVI (7/8/16)

  • Justin Sherman

    Justin Sherman

    NAME: Justin Sherman

    LOCATION: Kansas City, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: In 2011, Sherman was arrested for fleeing police and endangering others. He also pled guilty to driving without a license. He was fined one dollar and given probation. Just three months later, Sherman was arrested for the exact same charges. Sherman also has been arrested for burglary, marijuana possession, and receiving stolen property.

    LATEST CRIME: In 2016, Sherman struck a police car while driving a stolen truck. Sherman drove away and led police on an hour long car chase. Sherman got out of the stolen truck and carjacked a maintenance worker, taking control of the second vehicle. Sherman was eventually caught by police and charged with robbery, two counts of tampering with a motor vehicle, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license.

    SOURCE: KSHB-TV (12/21/16)

  • Javier Alatorre

    Javier Alatorre

    NAME: Javier Alatorre

    LOCATION: Kansas City, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: In 2017, Alatorre was arrested for possessing 96 Xanax pills. Just four months later, he committed a felony when he led police on a dangerous chase at speeds over 100 mph. Alatorre failed to appear in court numerous times, but was continually released without paying bond. in October 2018, Alatorre was arrested again for driving in a stolen vehicle while possessing drugs. He led police on another dangerous chase. He was released into the community and once again failed to appear in court. A warrant was issued for his arrest. On September 9, 2019, Alatorre was shockingly released into the community without paying any bond.

    LATEST CRIME: On October 6, 2019 Alatorre walked into a Kansas City bar with an accomplice and opened fire. He killed four innocent people and injured five others. Alatorre was released from jail less than a month earlier while he awaited his court date at the time of the attack.

    SOURCE: KSHB-TV (10/18/19)

  • Michael T. Dumas

    Michael T. Dumas

    NAME: Michael T. Dumas

    LOCATION: Kansas City, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: In 2017, Dumas was arrested and charged with second degree murder and armed criminal action. After getting in an argument at a gas station, Dumas shot his firearm in a high-speed shootout while driving on I-70.

    LATEST CRIME: In 2018, while released on bond for his prior murder case, Dumas found the home of a witness in his pending case and used a shotgun to kill her and wound a second victim. Both victims held up their hands when Dumas entered the house, but he proceeded to ruthlessly shoot both of them anyway.

    SOURCE: FOX4KC (11/18/18)

  • Jordan Pruitt

    Jordan Pruitt

    NAME: Jordan Pruitt

    LOCATION: St. Louis, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Pruitt pled guilty to holding up an ATM in December 2017. During the holdup, Pruitt put a deadly weapon, a knife, against the victim’s neck as he was servicing the ATM; after being scared off by an armed eyewitness, Pruitt ran to a nearby shopping strip and tried to rob a woman of her car before he was captured. Pruitt pleaded guilty to four felonies in the 2017 case. Pruitt was released from jail after St. Louis County Judge David Vincent lowered his bond over the objection of the prosecutor.

    LATEST CRIME: On January 7th, 2020, Pruitt once again committed a holdup of an ATM and attempted to rob the machine as it was being serviced. The holdup victim was in the process of surrendering the money to Pruitt and his two accomplices when at least one of the criminals opened fire.

    SOURCE: FOX2NOW St. Louis (1/8/20)

  • Richard Nicely Jr.

    Richard Nicely Jr.

    NAME: Richard Nicely Jr.

    LOCATION: Jefferson County, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Nicely has had four previous DWI charges. He has also been previously charged with disturbing the peace, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and driving with a suspended license and has previously refused breathalyzer tests. In his most recent arrest in 2018, he was arrested for an aggravated DWI then released on probation.

    LATEST CRIME: Nicely has been charged with five crimes including murder and chronic DWI in connection with a Nov. 29 crash that killed 88-year-old Paul Scaglione. Nicely was driving in Jefferson County around noon when he collided with another vehicle. Nicely fled the scene of the crash. Then, less than 10 minutes after the first crash, he was behind the wheel again when he crossed the center line and crashed head-on with Paul Scaglione and a then-87-year-old woman inside. Scaglione later died at the hospital while the woman was treated for serious injuries.

    SOURCE: KSDK News (3/2/20)

  • Antonio Minnis Jr.

    Antonio Minnis Jr.

    NAME: Antonio Minnis Jr.

    LOCATION: St. Louis, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Minnis was arrested in 2015 and sentenced six years in prison for drug, theft, domestic assault and weapon charges and was prohibited from possessing a firearm. He was released into the community on probation.

    LATEST CRIME: In 2019, Minnis was federally indicted on drug distribution that resulted in death. Minnis distributed fentanyl and bragged about killing three individuals. It was also discovered that Minnis possessed a Glock 19 handgun despite being barred from owning a firearm because of his previous felonies.

    SOURCE: The United States Attorney's Office, Eastern District of Missouri (2/21/19)

  • Diata Crockett

    Diata Crockett

    NAME: Diata Crockett

    LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: In 2006 Crockett was sentenced to a year in prison on burglary and assault charges. He then was released but in 2015, Crockett was sentenced to additional five years in jail on a drug charge, illegal use of a weapon, resisting arrest and forgery.

    LATEST CRIME: In 2016, shortly after being arrested the previous year, Crockett was in the midst of an argument with his wife who claimed she wanted a divorce. Crockett threatened to kill his wife and himself and then he shot his 8-month-old son while his wife exited their vehicle. The wife ran to a strangers car to get help and a random citizen began to drive to the hospital. Crockett then tried to run the vehicle off the road.

    SOURCE: CNN (5/25/16)

  • Torrance C. Epps

    Torrance C. Epps

    NAME: Torrance C. Epps

    LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: On Dec. 3rd, 1973 Torrance Epps murdered his wife’s mother and two of his wife's grandparents after assuming that they were assisting his wife in hiding from him. Epps’s wife left him after he beat her and her son on a regular basis. Epps served 14 years for his crimes and was then released and sent to a halfway house. He then escaped and went on the run for 8 years. Once he was caught, he was held in prison until 2003. The killer lived in society until his most recent crime - a shocking murder in 2017.

    LATEST CRIME: While residing in a nursing home in 2017, Torrance Epps murdered a 31-year-old nursing home manager, Tiandra Johnson. While sitting in his wheelchair, he fired shots from his revolver in the main complex office.

    SOURCE: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1/7/17)

  • Corey Darden

    Corey Darden

    NAME: Corey Darden

    LOCATION: Kansas City, MO

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Darden has a criminal history dating back to 2002. He was previously arrested for tampering with a motor vehicle, possession of drugs, and possession and use of drug paraphernalia. Darden was released on bond in 2019, which allowed him to commit his most recent crime.

    LATEST CRIME: Darden is being charged with first-degree murder, robbery, and two accounts of armed criminal action after brutally stabbing a person to death and running over that person afterwards, leaving a gruesome crime scene on April 6th, 2020.

    SOURCE: Fox 4 Newsroom (4/8/20)

  • James Howard Troy

    James Howard Troy

    NAME: James Howard Troy

    LOCATION: Columbia, Missouri

    CRIMINAL HISTORY: Troy has an extensive criminal history. He has been previously arrested for resisting arrest, assault, trespassing, tampering with a witness, possession of drugs, stealing, property damage, leaving the scene of an accident, unlawful possession of a firearm, and more. At the time of his recent crime, Troy was wanted for a probation violation related to another case involving a firearm. In that case, he was accused of invading a home and shooting a man. In late 2019, Troy failed to appear in court after being charged with driving under a suspended license, and while avoiding court he committed his most recent crime.

    LATEST CRIME: Troy is facing four counts of first-degree assault, four counts of armed criminal action and unlawful possession of a firearm. He most recently used a rifle to shoot with the intention of killing a mother and her four children, aged 2, 5, 6, and 9 years old, as they were attempting to enter their family vehicle. When police arrived they discovered bullet holes inside a nearby house and three different vehicles.

    SOURCE: Columbia Tribune (4/10/20)

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