Meet Our Conservative Champions

The CONSERVATIVE CHRONICLES is a series that highlights the efforts of those individuals making an impact in our state. Whether it’s a community leader, a volunteer, or an elected official, we want to share THEIR story.

Chris and Becky Arps

In conjunction with election integrity, Chris and Becky emphasize that everyone needs to pay attention to the content that’s being taught in the classroom. They are both equally concerned about the critical race theory (CRT) proposals being pushed in school districts across the country.

Chris fully understands that CRT is a Trojan horse being used to push Marxist philosophy. He has been active in taking measures to address the dangers of CRT and has held multiple events exposing it for what it is.

Becky believes that the Left is trying to change the country by changing the curriculum and attitudes of our nation’s younger generations. Chris agrees and notes that school board elections may have never been more important in our country’s history than they are today.

Both know that more can be done to advance the Conservative cause. A good place to start would be to go to the communities where there is not a strong Conservative presence.

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Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft

Jay Ashcroft didn’t seek out a life in public service. It was a calling that sought him.

The journey begins in Jefferson City, where Ashcroft spent his formative years. As the son of strong and devoted parents, he was raised in a conservative home centered on their family’s Christian faith.

Despite being part of a family with a history of lawyers and political experience, Ashcroft decided that neither would be a path for him. He decided to pursue an engineering career instead.

After high school, he attended Missouri S&T in Rolla and received both undergraduate and master's degrees.

He would soon traverse to St. Louis and go on to teach classes at St. Louis Community College. His wife Katie made a significant decision—one that ultimately led to a pivotal inflection point in his own life.

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Tim Garrison

We are proud to announce Tim Garrison as this week's Conservative Champion. Learn more about Tim's inspiring story below.

Tim Garrison is a former United States Attorney under President Trump and a decorated Marine Corps Officer. He has even provided counsel to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This is his story.

The journey begins in Southwest Missouri, where Garrison grew up in a strong Christian home. Son to a Baptist minister, Garrison credits those values for molding him into the man he is today.

In sixth grade, during one of his history classes, Garrison began to grasp the implications of the American story.

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Nola Wood

We are proud to announce Nola Wood as this week's Conservative Champion. Learn more about Nola's unique and inspiring story below.

Tell us about how you became a conservative. What experiences led to your now-held beliefs?

When I was 23 someone invited me to give my life to the Lord. When I did, and then began reading the Bible because I then understood it was true, I realized over time that beliefs I'd held about government were wrong.

Friends in the church I attended at the time in Wichita, Ks. started a grassroots group called Christians in Action (CIA!) and they began to teach us about conservative issues in very engaging ways.

Over time I fully replaced wrong ideas I'd been taught growing up in the '60's in St. Louis, and became a strong pro-life conservative Republican!

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Tim Jones

Tim Jones is many things. He’s a visionary. He’s a reformer. He’s an influencer.

He’s accomplished in 49 years what most can’t do in a lifetime.

This is his story.

Tim’s journey begins in Eureka, Missouri, where he grew up in a strong and supportive household. His parents inspired him to take responsibility for the direction of his life, and were dedicated to bringing out the best in their children.

Growing up, Jones recalled a common phrase from his parents: “Whatever you have, consider it a blessing, and be able to give it back.”

Those words became ingrained in Jones from a very young age, providing a strong foundation for who he would become.

Much of who Tim Jones is today can be attributed to what he learned from his parents.

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Cecilia S. Johnson

On April 28, 2008, Cecilia S. Johnson’s life changed forever. And it happened at a grocery store.

On this particular day, an ordinary weekly task turned out to be something quite the opposite.

While waiting to pay for her groceries, she caught the attention of something while standing in line. Cecilia’s eyes gravitated to a magazine that stood out from the rest.

She had to check it out.

On the cover was a picture of a black man with a heading that described how the conservative platform could benefit the black community. This was a headline that she didn’t normally see.

So she decided to give it a read, and to her surprise, she found herself agreeing with this man.

But the article itself wasn’t enough.

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Julie McCarver

This Liberty Alliance Conservative Champion can be found advancing the cause in St. Francois County. Julie McCarver is someone who is consistently engaged in her community and is the epitome of what it means to be a recipient of this accolade.

After receiving a glowing nomination, we spoke with Julie to learn more about her fight for freedom and what being a Conservative Champion means to her. We hope you enjoy her just as much as we do!

You were elected as Prosecutor in Farmington. What inspired you to run for office? Was it an issue that you cared about or did someone or something inspire you to enter the public arena?

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Nick Schroer

Schroer was a student at the University of Missouri in St. Louis during the 2008 Presidential election. Not happy with the result and the direction of our country, Schroer began to think about how he might be able to contribute moving forward.

That election started the slow burn of political engagement. It got even stronger when he was a student at Southern-Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale.

One day in his Constitutional Law class, one of his classmates made a radical claim suggesting that Roe v. Wade didn’t go far enough. It was starting to look like this individual was going to steamroll his viewpoint to the class and get off easy, unless someone spoke up.

That’s when Schroer took action.

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